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DIY FAQ thread update
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Author DIY FAQ thread update
Hey everyone

Things have started to settle down for me so i've had some time to play around with things here

I have added a bunch of threads to the FAQ announcement page. I know there has been a lot of interesting discussion over the last year so let me know if there is any threads / topics to add to the page. Perhaps you might know some threads which covered the information in more detail than the ones listed. Let me know and ill update the thread.

Please use this thread to tell me of any updates so we can keep that relatively clean.

I know we have had lots of discussion on euro / frac / buchla / serge panel templates. If anyone knows where those threads are please let me know. Also i know there has been a lot of discussion about psu & distro standards for euro so please let me know if you know where it is.

Im trying to limit this to general knowledge info - nothing project releated so if information has been discussed somewhere in the middle of a 20 page project thread it isnt really usefull for this resource. Well.. unless you all really think it is super worthy.

This is for all of us - especially the noobs - but should help everyone so please contribute to help make this resource the best it can be.
I think separate topic is needed where everyone who produce PCBs for DIYers will have one message which he can edit about their PCbs stock availability. Like PCBs showcase.
I hope I written clear. meh
i thought about it but it would get pretty messy and hard to keep updated but perhaps not

perhaps it could be a wiki page and we have a link to it from the forum
Maybe someone can moderate stocked PCBs list for example for 2$/month per PCB included in this list (with small photo and short description).
Thanks for updating that thread. I can clear out a bunch of watched topics now. smile
updated with a few more

also renamed the thread to make it a bit more obvious

if anyone has any more suggestions let me know
Soldering technique:

I'm pretty sure there's a lack of this topic in the main thread.
I just added that to the first post, and deleted the long defunct links to the old wiki (is Luka still around?)
This thread deserves a place under CASES I think. Not sure if the mods agree: (Free Case Design Plans (open source modular cases))
Couldn't find anything on how to make your own side panels or brackets for making a frame with rails?
Also tried search function but nothing shows up.

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