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G&L on cragslist
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Author G&L on cragslist
Chuck E. Jesus

no idea about these guits other than what i've read here...good deal? bad deal? just curious...
Muff Wiggler
hard to say if it's a good deal - he doesn't list the price

for one, the date MAY be correct, but the way he's determined it isn't. All G&L serials start with CLF. Mine was built in 2005 and it's a CLF

Anyway, looks like a gorgeous guitar. It's got two upgrades to the neck, the gun-oil tint and the bird's eye, very very nice

and I love the color!!

i don't like pearloid pickguards but that wouldn't stop me, they are easy to swap out...

gorgeous guitar!! find out what he wants for it...
Chuck E. Jesus
i thought it said $975 or best offer....

i can't afford it at all...
Muff Wiggler
that's way too much! I don't think I'd pay more than $700 for a used one in the USA

$975 is what you would pay for a limited edition G&L, like an ASAT Trinity or something. For something that you can order stock.... it's waaaaay too much

the website is busted right now, but should be fixed today...

look here to keep an eye on current fair-market pricing on used G&Ls

that's one place where unfair G&L pricing won't stay unchallenged, a good place to check prices
Muff Wiggler
oh yeah, i just noticed that $975 on the CL post

sorry, i'm sleepy today oops
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