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panel printing
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Author panel printing
has anyone on here ever printed a panel using Gocco? im curious if I am capable of just doing the printing myself, but if thats not the case...

any DIY-savvy people out there into doing a custom one off panel for me? someone else will be doing the actual design, and it would be pretty small. euro format. if you are interested/capable PM me your price, and maybe an example of your past printing if you can
gocco looks cool
never seen that before

ive been doing panels of late but not really at the stage where i am really happy. if no one else pipes up im happy to do one for ya. ive used a few techniques, sticker labels, etching and about to do vinyl overlays.
I looked into using Gocco a while back, I think it would work pretty well. Unfortunately, it's impossible to get supplies reliably if you don't live in Oz.
So I gave up.
wow i'm pretty tempted to get something like this gocco thing. I wonder how cheaply you could do custom 1-off panels for people?
Interesting product! I've never seen this before; it almost looks tailor made for one-off DIY panels. Thanks for posting this!

Looking at the website, I see that it's not exactly inexpensive however-- starter kit is close to $500 US. They do sell inks for printing on metal.
remember; for metal panels you need the ultra-fine mesh, and I'm not quite clear on how to create the screens for that.

But hop on ebay and pick up one of the kits from Japan or whatever, you'll get them cheap, with a stack of supplies too, just add screens, right?
biggest problem i see is that you can only use an exposed screen once. you can't 'erase' it. not so good for one-off designs really.
also the system is no longer in production, so future supplies may be an issue.

the yudu seems to have the edge here. you can erase screens and re-use them.
wetterberg wrote:

But hop on ebay and pick up one of the kits from Japan or whatever, you'll get them cheap, with a stack of supplies too, just add screens, right?

What sort of prices did you see on the kits? Have you already tried this method Wetterberg-- you sound like you might be speaking from experience?

If anyone is doing this kind of printing already, and wouldn't object to hiring their skills out, I'd be very happy to pay for a few one-offs. I have my designs ready.
I really wouldn't recommend going out and BUYING a gocco. its one thing if you already have one.
the company who made them is out of business. they say that the supplies (bulbs, screens, ink) should be available for at least a few more years. but the prices have skyrocketed! its super expensive now. I was lucky and got my starter set up off craigslist from someone who never used it for 50 bucks, so it was a total steal and came with a ton of bulbs. but paying retail for a new one now might not be the best idea.
and yes, everything is single use, which is kind of a drag. the quality and detail is pretty good considering.

so far Yudu seems like a good alternative, but its more expensive to start and I haven't tried it. my biggest concern is just how well this printing will last on a heavily used panel. maybe I should just give it a shot... I have never printed on metal. i'll post my results when it happens.
alright... so I am really curious to try this out and also try out a few techniques for circumventing cost issues and the like. but, it may be a bit before I have my personal design ready...

so in the meantime, I am going to offer ONE free panel printing!! sorry, just for one person.

if you have a design ready and it is small (meaning around 8hp) PM me. you supply the panel, and I will do the printing. keep in mind while I am offering this for free, it is an EXPERIMENT. I cannot 100% guarantee the level of detail or how long the printing will last. I do however feel that the clarity/detail should be more than sufficient, and I plan to put a clear coat over the print to make it last. but again, its an EXPERIMENT. if your panel comes out looking like a piece of ass, I will do my best to clean it off before putting on the clear coat and return it to you. or, if you feel like waiting a bit longer, I will mess around with some of my possible solutions to see if I can work around it. if this goes well, I hope I can offer people affordable one-off or small run panel printing in the not so distant future. also for this first run I would prefer to do black ink because I am not sure how much I trust the white ink I have right now for a blacet panel.
SoundPool wrote:

so in the meantime, I am going to offer ONE free panel printing!! sorry, just for one person.


seeing as no one else has piped up yet, I've PMed you about this.
let us know how you go.
i am very close to buying a yudu with a friend.
stupid t-shirts here we come It's peanut butter jelly time!
can you even buy the yudu? I didn't know you could?
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