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What is a 'Wiard'-style Milton sequencer worth?
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Author What is a 'Wiard'-style Milton sequencer worth?
Maybe this is the wrong forum for this, please move if so.

A while back I purchased the almost sat-on 'Wiard'-style Milton sequencer made famous in the whole Plan B debacle a few years ago. Since then, I have gotten a few sequencers I use a whole lot more, and so I am considering selling it. It is beautiful, though. Maybe I shouldn't sell it.

However, I am finding it hard to price it right. What might something like this be worth? Anyone else have one? I think they are quite rare.
A good place to start would be what did you pay for it.
Well, obviously. But I felt I didn't exactly get it cheap, so wanted to check a bit before actually posting it for sale, if at all.
Roycie Roller
The fact that it was almost sat on makes it even more of a collectors item. Especially so that it was Droolmaster who almost sat on it! lol

i love the memories from that period of wiggling- so funny! (and serious Dead Banana )..long live old war dog gene!
2k is a guess. wow! that thing's been all over the world! someone could make a business out of building these!
Seriously, this and the Fenix III(seq) are king.
Yeah, that whole Plan B thread is what got me (and a whole lot of others) to Muff's.

2k is what I paid for it, so that's a pretty good guess, I reckon. Maybe that is an ok price for it? I am very conflicted, so I think I'll hang on to it for now, even though it doesn't see the use it should. It looks spectacular.

In case anyone was wondering what it looks like.
The milton is a great design IMHO.

From the picture I cannot tell for sure if it is the same height as the standard Wiard modules - it looks more like 5U? (Not horribly important since I assume it is a standard 19U rack width?)

In any case, I have heard building a Milton requires a part(s) no longer available which is one of the reasons you no longer see them. One would think that would add to the asking price.

Unfortunately, with the number or analog sequencers announced or shipping these days (and particularly with some of the advanced features on offer) I do not believe that to be the case. All things considered I do not believe you would have a problem selling it for $2k, but not much more than that.
It's 4U, actually. But yeah, I think you might be right regarding the competition. A lot has happened in the analogue sequencing world since the Milton first came about.
That being said, it's a great sequencer, though. And like I said before, I think might just as well keep it.
have nelson sign it; collectors item.
klstay wrote:
In any case, I have heard building a Milton requires a part(s) no longer available which is one of the reasons you no longer see them. One would think that would add to the asking price.

Shit... I bought some Milton boards a month or so ago and was hoping to get one built.
Re building one. You'd want to research, other Milton threads as to versions etc. My understanding is the only thing unobtainable is a pic chip with Peter's code, from what Ive read and heard from Big City Music who were selling pcbs for years after Peter took off is that you'll still have a working sequencer without it.

It is cool to have 4x16 steps on the Milton as well as step addressing by voltage. Though I do keep thinking you can do more if you could clock each row separately. For instance the Fenix III is 4x16 too (as well as like2.5x the rack space) but the III can act as 3 totally independent sequencers too. So I guess the factors on the Milton are being a real step sequencer with lots of steps in a reasonable space.
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