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here is an kind of off-topic question, but not that much ...
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Author here is an kind of off-topic question, but not that much ...
i have a a big ( to me ) modular system ( mostly dotcom/motm/modcan/blacet etc )
my girlfriend has her birthday soon and i want to offer her a toy that will integrate our machines ...
of course i can look at controllers, but, yet, from what i see, nothing that exciting ..

i had some readings lately on muff about video synthesis...

anywayone could share ideas on a fun/usefull, intelligent toy for a video synthesist/vj ?

just to get ideas from helpfull folks here ...

Sorry, I don't know anything about video synthesis, so I can't help you there. But D/A A/D on the forums here has experimented with running video signals through his modular with some interesting results.

Something like a Tyme Sefari or modcan CV recorder might result in some really wild stuff, and of course you can always modulate it with what you have in your arsenal.
The word on the street is that you can use the Wiard JAG or New Controller to process video!!! screaming goo yo

My wife's birthday is coming up soonish too.
I don't think she would be too happy if I got *her* a module though. hihi
She wants a new bicycle, and a book about pin-up girls. w00t
Unfortunately if video synthesis were as easy as piping some video through your modules wouldn't a whole lot more people be doing it? It's not as if you or I were the first person to think, "I have all this audio gear, I wonder what it would do to video?"

Now if some scrambled bars are your thing with occasional buzzing vibrations at audio rates then hey go for it, but generally your best bets are to either find something meant from the start to process video then add voltage control to it, or not deal with analog at least directly and learn a programming language like
sorry ive been away from teh forum lately ...
interesting answers here...

i have a CV recorder from modcan , what is he known to do to video ??
where can i find or ask more about that ??

i understand ndkent what you said about versatility of audio equipment for video, just wondering now what can be fun ... i found another parcel for her birthday anyway , buyed her an officail version of her favorite video software then she wont go in jail and i still have a beloved smile
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