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Control Voltage (a.k.a. "DC") Amplifier/Booster
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Author Control Voltage (a.k.a. "DC") Amplifier/Booster
Hello Hawt 'n' Sexy Fellow Wigglers, Dinner at the Y

This may be an easy one. I'm looking to make or buy a bank of DC amplifiers. I'd like the following features (feel free to add something on if you think of a 'must have'):

• Input
• Output
• Offset Potentiometer
• Ability to increase a +5VDC signal to +12VDC. I'd settle for +10V though.

That's it!

Has anyone seen any cool projects for something like this? I'd like to build at least 8 of these. I can go with Frac or Euro. Euro preferred.

replacing the 100k resistor marked with the asterisk to a 200k resistor should amplify a 5V DC signal to 10

and a pot with the ends on your + and - rails and the center going to one of the ins will give you an offset control

ken stone also has a "Dev-mod Mixer/Inverter block" that you could make a bank of 8 with if you picked up 4 boards

i would also recommend a summed out so you could use the bank of 8 as a mixer too
You could also put the offset pot on either of the noninverting inputs (pins 3&5).
this might be what you are looking for. it combines gde's and flight's suggestions: b1f72043f307d8e4402
Hey, guys; thanks for the tips and info. Somehow, I never saw this thread being updated. I'll read through the links and see what it takes to build up a bank of these lil' mofos. thumbs up
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