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Choices barebones issues
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Author Choices barebones issues
I recently built a choices barebones kit for eurorack mostly due to not being able to find a Choices at the time. I've put it all together but its not working and haven't heard anything back as yet from my email and PM inquiries.

From the documentation in the kit it seemed unclear to me as to how the power is supposed to be connected in a eurorack scenario. Below is a diagram of how I have connected it;

I am hoping that I have done something wrong here that can easily be rectified - do any wigglers know the correct connections?

Failing that I expect that the issue might be the gauge of the wires I have used but I'd like to get the power right first.

Any help massively appreciated! Guinness ftw!

cheers Alex
I am very sorry about the delay! That last reply didn’t come from me, but I did not know I had an auto-respond message. Weird.
Anyway, your power connections are correct, but you are not getting anything out of it at all?
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