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Using POWER module with Metasonix R-series?
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Author Using POWER module with Metasonix R-series?
Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience using the Flight of Harmony POWER module with Metasonix modules (particularly the R-51)?

I'm trying to find an alternative to the Tiptop uZeus in terms of convenience of use/installation in an open-frame eurorack (Tiptop Z-ears/rails). The uZeus failed to power my R-51 :(

Thanks for your help.
According to the specs on the f(h) website entry for POWER, the POWER (with a 12VAC, 1A adapter) outputs 12v +/- at 1A.

And according to the Metasonix page - the R51 requires 12v +/- 150mA.

Going through the manual for the POWER, it would seem that (with a 12VAC 1A adapter) the optimal power consumption of all the modules to be used would be around 600mA. That said, I think you could run it just fine.

The POWER manual also says that a 12VAC 1.5A adapter is recommended, which would likely give you about a full ampre of power to play with.

So - I think it'd work. hihi
Great, thanks for the feedback!
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