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blacet style knobs for splined shaft pots?
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Author blacet style knobs for splined shaft pots?
anyone know where i can get knobs that look like the ones blacet uses but would fit a splined shaft pot? specifically looking for the grey pointer
Re'an used to do a splined version of the soft-touch knobs that Blacet use but unfortunately they've been discontinued for a while now. You'll be lucky if find any of their soft-touch range in stock anywhere. It's a bit of a shame as I think they're a really nice knob (cue dirty joke). I believe Sifam do a similar version but they're a bit more expensive.

yah, i searched around & read the various threads about how they've been discontinued. wasn't sure if they might still be available somewhere...

thanks for your help
Rapid (in the UK) still have them:  ?sid=bf8a57d1-1caa-40a1-8ddc-8c736267ff16

Maybe I should stock up myself...
they've got every color but grey! d'oh!

thanks for posting
I use these for spline shaft.
Remember, knurled shafts are NOT universal, the orientation of the knurl is spec'd. Knurled shafts are made with the pot mounting orientation in mind. When the pot is turned to its full rotation (almost all pots have 300 degrees of rotation), what is at the "top" of the shaft? Is it to be a "hill" (the pointy bit of a knurl) or is it a "valley" (the bit between the points? They are different if the pot is mounted vertically or horizontally - 10 degrees different. If the knob doesn't match, it will not line up with the graphics. Just look at older Doepfer modules with horizontal vs vertical mounted PCBs. One type has the pots not lining up with the graphics because he used the same knobs for both.
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