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advice and opinions
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Author advice and opinions

I'm new here. thanks for having me. I have a little experience with modular synths. I have mainly owned and used stuff from Flower Electronics, MFOS, and Blue Lantern, but always eventually got rid of it to fund new and more "professional" pieces of gear. But I have since always wanted to get back into modular synth, which I love, but finally get into something real nice and more solid pieces of gear. So I'm really interested in Wiard, and I wanted everyone's opinions. Times are kind of tough and it would be basically impossible for me to try and save up for a Wiard system at this point, so I am considering selling off the few nice pieces of gear that I own now, to possibly fund the beginning of a Wiard system. The main pieces of gear that I have that I would be considering selling are a dave smith poly evolver (potentiometer edition), a tom oberheim sem (patch panel), a moog little phatty stage II (cv edition) and a moogerfooger cp-251. Additional pieces of gear that I could sell are a korg electribe er-1 mkII (that I would like to keep, to use with the modular) and my m-audio studiophile bx8a deluxe monitor speakers. So, I would be getting rid of quite a lot for this modular system.

I figure (on a "good day") I could get $2,200 for the poly evolver, maybe $800 for the sem, $1,100 for the little phatty, $320 for the cp-251 and $350 for the m-audio bx8a deluxe monitors.

that's a potential total of $4,770.

I know that in the Wiard world that isn't a lot but its a start. and truthfully when I "dream" about it my goal would be to acquire at least 8-12 modules at least.

I keep pondering the idea back and forth and am kind of indecisive, so I wanted to ask this community what they thought and what their opinions were.

Do you think getting rid of these pieces of gear for what I guess would be the beginning of a Wiard system would be worth it? Or do you think that it would be taking a greater "loss" getting rid of those pieces of gear?

I really appreciate anyone's input and opinions.

I hope you can kind of relate to where I'm coming from at this point and I hope this was the right section here to put this post in.
Only you can decide whether those pieces of gear will be a huge loss.

What I can say is that a small amount of Wiard goes a long way. There are not a lot of large systems out there because one of everything is very very flexible and you'd be surprised what you can do.

Some folks may chime in and suggest the Euro stuff that Grant has designed as an alternative. That would also be a fine choice.
You might have a lot of system downtime. Becuase you'll need to sell your original system and then work up slowly.

The functionality of 5 Wiard modules will take you a long way, not as much total functionality as your original gear but with the possiblity of going infinitely deeper, and the benefits of a truly integrated system. A symphony of modules.

Building the Wiard slowly will suit the time that is necessary to explore slowly. Each module has it's own universe and heartbeat, let alone when combined.

The Wiard is one of the most fantastic systems avialable to a musician.
I would suggest you go Euro Wiard.

I don't know what the intended production levels are for the Wiard 300 modules - I would suggest you check that out with Cary or Grant directly. Alternatively you could try and pick up some second hand but again that may be quite a wait.
thanks for the input, guys. appreciate it.

I'm not interested in eurorack. I'd probably go 5U before I did euro. Just my personal preference.

I think I'm gonna do it and put my stuff up for sale.

could anyone please be kind enough to let me know if you get the necessary power supply when you purchase the modules or if not what kind of power parts etc do I need to power the system up and where would I go about getting those necessary parts.


you want a +/-15V PSU.

You can get them from Hinton Instruments as currently recommended by Wiard, or Blacet sells a slightly more economical PSU.
thanks slow_riot. you're a big help.

I searched both sources and it looks like the blacet psu is just easier all around. or at least the website is.

I saw where it says: "Typically, one PS505 will power 10 modules. However, as each module has different current requirements, it is necessary to add up the + current draw for each module in your system. This information is in the right hand column of the Store/Order page or in each product Manual. When you reach +500 mA, it is time to add another power supply."

how does this apply to lets say 12 wiard 300 modules? How many blacet psu's would be needed? still just 1? sorry I am not the most technical person so I don't know exactly what technical stuff like +500 mA means yet, but I do know how to use synthesizers.

and 1 blacet ps505 psu can connect 7 modules so if you needed more, adding and connecting one of the blacet connector boards would allow you to connect another 9 additional modules, right? is that all that I would essentially need once I bought some wiard 300 modules to power them on and use them? just the psu and possibly a connector board? or am I missing anything else? I'm guessing the modules do come with power cables/connectors...

thanks again.
I would probably choose the Hinton PSU. That's what I'm planning to use for my system.(I have half Blacet and half Hinton right now).

The 300 series modules consume roughly 100mA of current each, so a Blacet PSU would power roughly 5.

The Hinton PSU is probably higher quality and a lot safer. You should be able to power 15 300 series modules using it.

The Wiard modules are supplied with power cables.
thanks for that info. then yes it sounds like the hinton psu is the better choice (and especially if wiard recommends it, too).

do you have a direct link to the psu on the hinton website? I can't seem to find it.

thanks again for all the useful and helpful info. really appreciate it.

edit: never mind, I think I found it:
You don't have to buy a whole bunch of stuff at once, don't forget? I bought my system piecemeal, I think one module at a time except for the ope occasion I splashed out and bought two... It took me a while longer but it was worth it and I didnt have to sell anything.
normanphay, definitely a good point. that's what I plan to do, too. get 3 or 4 modules (if possible) first, explore, then work up from there. but of course I will need a way to power it so I am just trying to figure that out, too.

the largest modular synth I had was a large DIY blue lantern modular that used 3.5mm minijack plugs. it was true modular but it was all built on one continuous front panel in a large case with the psu already included and built in, so I've never had to build a system piece by piece, before.
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