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My first DIY Synth Module - CGS Psycho LFO
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Author My first DIY Synth Module - CGS Psycho LFO
Muff Wiggler
A little sneak peek before I blog it. More details to come - I'll post them here later on. I built this 2 years ago, for a TOTAL COST of under $20 (yes, twenty), and about an hour's work. And, if I had my shit together, I could have built it for ten bucks and fifteen minutes work. Seriously. Anyway, it's about time I took some pics of it oops Here ya go.

Awesome. I've wanted to get a drill press and make some modules of my own. How'd you go about doing the faceplate?
Muff Wiggler
i bought a bunch of blank panels from PAiA, this was one of the half-size ones which I believe were $4 each.

I drilled holes in it with a hand-drill oops Notice they aren't lined up. (the mounting holes, thankfully, were pre-drilled by the nice folks at PAiA)

Also, I didn't know to start with a small pilot hole. I was an idiot back in those days about even more things that I'm an idiot about these days, if you can believe that. I drilled 'em with a hand drill, over a piece of wood, using a really big drill bit, and the odds are extremely good that I was also quite baked at the time. Heh. Then I made the labels using a Dymo label machine that I comandeered from my office. I'm an honest man though - I bought my own Dymo tape (the office only had black-letters-on-white tape)
Muff Wiggler
you can really see the difference between the organic and the no-clean solder in the last pic. I found the no-clean SO hard to work with. The lumps are all 2-3x the size of the washable organic solder.

in the same pic, upper corner of the board, you can see where I burned off some of the trace and had to rebuild it with an ugly old solder bridge
fresh. dig the red pcb!
Looks great! Okay-- you've got me totally psyched to build one of them now. Did you get the components from Mouser?
Muff Wiggler
Actually I got them from DigiKey, for the main reason that they have domestic Canadian distribution and I didn't have to pay a customs fee

Mouser would work just as well though for those in the US
grin exclamation
wow sweet man! i'm ordering CGS bi-n-tic, tube vca, pulse divider logic, super psycho lfo, and a dc mixer.

SHOULD BE FUN!!!! smile
(mods please don't remove this post, thx)
A Dingleberry Monstrosity
your knobs have nipples
Hi Muff,
(beware noob question) what kind of PSU and distrib. boards do you use for those CGS builds?
This is 4 years old o.e
Lyncaster wrote:
This is 4 years old o.e

ahah weird, I'm pretty sure it showed up when I clicked "view posts since last visit"... anyway...
Lyncaster wrote:
This is 4 years old o.e

Time for another module.... SlayerBadger!
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