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Plague Bearer tips and tricks?
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Author Plague Bearer tips and tricks?
Hello Wigglers.

I got a PB a few months back and its the one module I tend not to use, I generally like it and always try to keep it in the patch but in the end I normally remove it from the chain,

I want to use it with basses, leads and percussions for dance floor stuff.

I understand it quite delicate so I keep a uatt sitting beside it, Here's some of the other modules I'm using with it.

hex vca
tiptop808 kik&snr
A-199 spring verb...

How are u guys using it?

I suppose I'm just looking for some inspiration here...

Nice one

I find I get much better results when I don't patch it with expectations. I didn't click with it until I stopped thinking about it as a filter/audio processor. The two things I'd say are experiment with attenuating/overloading all of the inputs and feeding audio in the CV inputs and CV into the audio inputs. I mostly use it for feedback patches, FM and as an audio source.
the Plague really come alive when you throw CV into it.
Yeah try to not really use it as a "filter", though you can. Also it responds a bit better if you don't send a very loud signal to it. The new models have attenuation built in which is really nice.
Read the manual.

No really... I had much the same problem until I read the manual. It doesn't say that much but what it does say is a very good starting point.

It's a module you have to really play around with to get the best out of and it can be pretty impressive.
Take your osc tri out in pb then stick it back into the osc's expo input. Monitor the sine out tune to taste.

Pretty sweet in a sequence.
Through anything CV through an attenuator and tweak SOFTLY! The PB has a LOADS of range if you move slowly!
vav wrote:
Through anything CV through an attenuator and tweak SOFTLY! The PB has a LOADS of range if you move slowly!

+1 Very Softly/Slowly!

I mentioned this in another thread, but I totally rediscovered my PB when I added a Choices joystick to my setup. The joystick allows you to really dial in the sweet spots easily and then move slowly through them simultaneously adjusting 2 parameters (since joystick control has x/y versus single knob tweaking). Since Choices has scale adjustments for both x/y outputs, you can really get precise control of the PB inputs. Throw in a feedback loop on the PB and I've gotten some lovely morphing tones.
Thanks for all the tips guys,

Ill go threw them all this evening...

Sorry I posted this is the wrong place...

computer controlled
There are a ton of sweet spots in the PB. Don't go wild with tweaking, just take your time and listen. Go easy on the Inputs as well, you don't need them very loud.
What everyone above said about sweetspots & attenuators.

Another thing I like to do is split the signal with active multiples and feed the split into PB and then mix it back with the original trough a bipolar mixer.
if you want to go to distortion land do this: take two different sequences tri or sine waves and mix them in something that saturates or clips (corgo or stg.mix) feed that into the PB.

the "electric guitar" in this track was done like that:

Get another PB, patch audio out from one into the other, then audio out from the other into the first, then audio out from the first into the second, then the last audio out into the Corgasmatron. Tweak all knobs, feed them CV and listen to the Plague Bearers come alive without any external input.
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