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Anyone rebuilt a Quick Disc drive?
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Author Anyone rebuilt a Quick Disc drive?
Having huge issues with this..... Pulled it apart to replace the belt (which is common), now cant get it back together without all the gears binding up. What a nightmare!!! I have cleaned all the gears of their gunk and grime, and still it seems to be snagging on something on the case....... I have no idea what though, as I cant see under the big gear to figure out what the hell it is.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

crap am I really that screwed???

computer controlled
Those QD drives are pert near impossible to fix or replace.
I've got one that needs a new belt that I took apart years and years ago (from my Roland S-10 and I hope I can find all the parts again . . ig I ever find where where to buy a belt from! (any tips on where and what size to order?) I also have a S-220 that needs a belt too.

Sorry I'm no help to you, alexP! seriously, i just don't get it
No probs John!!

I found my belt as Roland NOS at a mom and pop music store here in Ontario. Got it for 20 bucks. The key is to KEEP LOOKING! hihi (sort of like me always looking for that 50 dollar 909....)

Anyways, I wonder how impossible it would be to wire up a 3.5 inch drive to work with the S700..... Im going to look into that, as I want to store samples with this thing, but Im not sure how exactly to do it. (would one of those old Boss BL1 bulk librarians do the trick?)

alexP wrote:
(sort of like me always looking for that 50 dollar 909....)

It's out there!
I know it!
I could almost smell it in the second hand shop last weekend - but when I turned the corner, it had transformed into an old toaster!
Damn you 50 dollar 909!
You evaded me this time again...
But next time I'll get you!
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