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ZIMM Buchla ModuleModules have landed
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Author ZIMM Buchla ModuleModules have landed
Thanks to Brian, now tubes have entered my Buchla:

What a stunning addition to the Buchla system!

The ZIMM02 VCF makes the Buchla scream. It's peanut butter jelly time!

The ZIMM01 is a wonderful preamp/VCA with a lot of character and a lot of gain, but it is no distortion.

Both together are a match made for hell! twisted
we're not worthy You complete me love

Very relieved to hear that they made it safely and are happy in your Buchlaland It's peanut butter jelly time!

Some patch tips:

-Attenuate before patching into the input(this goes for the ZIMM02 especially)

-patch an attenuated waveform with little harmonic content(sine or triangle) into the input and slowly rock the offset knob back and forth to get a feel of the effect of the distortion, right about 2 oclock is where it starts to become noticeable.
It is a "warm" compression type of distortion, and not a destructive oscillating clipping effect. For harsher distortion effects, experiment with feeding audio rate signals into the CV input.

-Pulses, triggers and gates. Start with feeding those into the CV input to get a feel of how the vactrol slews. Turn the offset knob fully clockwise for an "open" full sound similar to a decay knob on an envelope that is fully open.
Slowly turn the offset knob counter clockwise and at about 2 oclock you should start hearing some short plucky bonk bonk sounds similar to a short decay setting on an envelope.
Use the ZIMM01 to create bonk bonks, then shape those sounds with the ZIMM02. Increase the Resonance on the ZIMM02 for some oscillating distortion effects, the distortion increases as the resonance increases.
Decrease the Resonance for a smoother filter sweeper effect.
Sweep the Freq knob counter clockwise, most of the range is at the start of the pot.
When applying modulation to the ZIMM02, start with a very slow wave, I like a slow sine.

-Experiment with both modules individually to get a feel of what each module is doing. They both sound very different when not patched into each other.

Have fun It's peanut butter jelly time!
Oh, i am already having a lot of fun! nanners SlayerBadger! MY ASS IS BLEEDING twisted love

They deliver really a lot of new sound options to the Buchla system. Especially audio modulation of the CVins makes them growl with a nice tube warmth. headbang

One nice side effect: The ZIMM01 delivers so much gain, that you can use the output of the Buchla with any other modulars (5u or 3u).

I posted an audio example (more a track than a demo, but with a lot of explanation about the patch in the comments) and one more picture in this thread:
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