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How long do we have to wait to get a quote from AMSynths?
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Author How long do we have to wait to get a quote from AMSynths?

Does anyone is experiencing a long delay for a reply from them?

I asked for a quote a while ago and so far nothing...

I'm really frustrated cause I was so excited with their modules. waah
I've waited a while - like two weeks. Then said I wanted to get one and never heard back.
Its a game, more or less.
50/50 chance of winning. Some have luck and never notice any problems with this, some get struck by the oposite.

Once he do get back however, he is a really nice guy.

I wish he would update his blog a bit more, so we could see whats going on etc. He wouldnt need to respond to all the emails if we just had some insight of things. But then again, he is his own person, without the need of doing anything he dont want to.

I just hope i still have money saved up once the modules i wait for are getting released. Or, that i manage to sell of some stuff to finance his stuff - before theyre sold out.
I had the same problem. I asked for a shipping quote of the dual adsr last week with no answer.
This morning I emailed the sales dept. Let's see..
I had the same issues but he will get back to you if you kep trying.
I've emailed Rob 3 times, been replied to twice and bought PCBs from him on both occasions. He's legit, just seems to let communication slip from time to time. I am guilty of the same sometimes as well, it happens. (Moreso for some than others...)

Keep trying - the squeaky wheel gets oiled and whatnot. hihi
yes, keep trying
i perservered and was rewarded by a really nice JP8 filter in the end
tasty stuff
I requested a quote 3 weeks ago and sent a follow-up email one week later, still no response.

I'm really impressed with the range of modules that AMSynths offers (especially the japanese filters), but I'm starting to think that I may never own any.

Man, what a tease!
I think Rob just works long hours and doesnt have a lot of free time.
I sent a few emails and there was a communication delay at various times, but just wait for him to get back to you when he has the time.
I got my module (Snow fall filter) soon after paying for it.
Very happy with it too, sounds really nice and very well built....
He just got back to me. Seems he was away for a few weeks. All is well, and im really excited! w00t
Just wanted to say that Rob contacted me, I ordered a JP8 filter and the Dual ADSR a couple of days ago!!! applause
maybe its my turn for a reply from Rob soon ...
Cayenne wrote:
maybe its my turn for a reply from Rob soon ...

It seems that the waiting drama returned... very frustrating

It's been four days since I've sent the payment via paypal and I haven't had a word of acknowledgement...

I have sent two emails already asking if everything is ok and if he got the money, but no replies so far... Fingers crossed!!
looking back , my email was sent 2nd may as a follow-up from the web-form that was approx 2weeks earlier than that, hopefully Rob will read here .

I just received an email from Rob, he said he's just waiting for the front panels to arrive and then he's gonna send the modules!!! hyper hyper hyper
Hi folks,
If you are waiting for an email response from me or even a module then just drop me an email at and I will get right back to you. I am on AMSynths business for the next 10 days clearing the backlog of orders, and preparing modules for the new online store which will vastly improve customer service. It will do away with the need for quotes, as the online store systenm will correctly calculate protsage anywhere and modules will ship immediately from stock. Thanks for your patience.

Best Regards
Sent an email
@Rob, thanks for answer, and its good you are changing the way we can order.
I will wait till the new store is operating and then place an order .

I also had to offer a little persuasion to get me JP8 filter but i reckon it's cos he's working so hard.

Absolutely love my filter and can't wait to start collecting the Arp modules he's making - yay!

Good work Rob 8_)

ordered the Jupiter-6 pcb one year ago and had no problems with Rob. Sometimes it takes a while until he has the time to answer, but no probs here at all.

Ordered my second AM-Synth pcb last weekend (ARP4023), communication was quick and helpful.


thumbs up
Didnt even consider ordering just the PCB's from him. Perhaps that would be easier to get hold of.. hm.. smile

About getting in contact with Rob, i can just say as the others. He is busy, and when he have the time - he replies. Always very helpful and seems to listen on his customers. Really nice guy!
Hi folks,
The new AMSynths webstore went live in early July and hopefully solves ordering and communciation issues. Modules are now only sold via the web store and when in stock for immediate shipment. Emails confirm payment and when the modules ship, and this can take a few days but all shipments are confirmed with tracking details. Modules are getting to customers much faster.

Customers can request email alerts via the web store when items are back in stock and I reply to all emails (and Facebook) within 48 hours unless on holiday or sick. We no longer take pre-orders or reservations, as its frustrating for customers. All modules have warranties, and we replace DOA or shipping damaged modules immediately, as well as repairing in use faults ASAP.

Stock levels are low but thats because we only build 100 - 200 modules a year, and we are not even close to satisfying demand. We only deal direct over the Internet and have no distributors because that saves us both money. We want every customer or prospective customer to be happy with AMSynths. Thats why every module has a hologram serial number, so we can track what happens to the module and what the customer experiences.

PCB's and kits are often requested but often this open a door to lots of support questions as these modules are precision engineered and need careful assembly and high quality components. This slows our development velocity. So in these early days we have kept kits out of the web store, but we will respond to customer demands. If you want it, it will happen.

The AM8012 Low Pass Filter will be the next module into production and I am very pleased with the sounds...Many thanks to all our customers now and in the future. Astounding sounds . amazing music!
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