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The Destructor Beam
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Author The Destructor Beam
Consumes: 30 mA of +-15 and 150 mA of +5.
Plate Voltage: 48 volts
Size: 1 single space MU module compatible with cabinets and rails.
Depth: 2"
Tube used: NOS 5654 pentode
Tube sticks out from the front panel about 1"
Panel: 3mm thick anodized aluminum with high quality engraving
Delivery time: 3-4 weeks. Often less.
Available now with all parts in stock accept for the panel, the panel is ordered on demand and takes 1-2 weeks to arrive.
Click here for more information about the Destructor Beam

processing a square wave, sweeping the beam knob with my hand

More sounds, pictures and suggested patches on the way.
Until then, post em if you got em wink w00t
twisted twisted twisted
My pineal gland is fucking swollen now, thanks It's peanut butter jelly time!

Great sounds!!!
So creamy!

How about a price for this bad motha tructor bean?
SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!

edit: just saw the end of the page from the first link you posted... d'oh!
My pineal gland is fucking swollen now,

Humans are such easy prey hihi
It's peanut butter jelly time!

How about a price for this bad motha tructor bean?

Tree sixeeee fiv

I still need to bring it into the studio so I can make some better sounds.
This one is the most aggressive of the three single MU modules,
but can also do smooth filterlike effects when the resonance is backed off a bit w00t
Another great one! You definitely are on a roll right now Brian applause
weinglas wrote:
Another great one! You definitely are on a roll right now Brian applause

Thank you sir smile
You have been an inspiration and encourager along the way w00t
Nice work Brian. You're kicking ass!

The Destructor Beam is unique. Although based on the twin-T bandpass filter used in the Metasonix R-52, this uses a Silonex LDR rather than a Vactrol. Silonex's devices are extremely different from Excelitas Vactrols, and have completely different CV time responses and distortion profiles. He's also using a premium 5654/6AK5 pentode, which we don't usually put into filters.

Trust me, this will NOT sound like any past or present Metasonix product, nor like anyone else's module.

Does that help?
SlayerBadger! I used Vince's Destructor Beam this weekend and really dig it. Will be ordering one very soon. Having alot of fun with the Amplifryer so far, I'll try to post some demos this week.
Here is a link to a patch I made using a bunch of Zerosum Inertia modules.

(Sorry I don't know how to put the track on the forum?)

One oscillator with random sequence going into the Haxor then into two Destructor Beams in series and then into the Agonizer. I was tweaking the two Destructor Beams most of the time to try to show their range.
These modules really are pretty wild and their behavior totally changes when you hook them all up together.
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