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F IT! I'm gonna try to make some cables - equipment question
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Author F IT! I'm gonna try to make some cables - equipment question
hi guys, so I'm not a DIY guy but I did just buy a blacet 1/8" cable kit so I'm going to attempt to make some of my own cables and see how it goes. I'm going to stop by radio shack on the way home. Can anyone recommend what I'm going to need for this? I know I'll need a soldering iron and some solder but I'd like to get your guys' thoughts...

we're not worthy
Wow, a DIY thread I can actually help with! lol I've made tons of cables...

Soldering iron- make sure it comes with a stand and sponge

Solder (regular old 70/30 rosin core solder is fine- you don't need any fancy Kester for cables)

I have one of those "helping hands" which actually does help so you don't have to hold on to metal connectors while you're applying heat to it. Radio Shack will charge you like $15 and everywhere online will charge you $4 (Do you have a Harbour Freight where you live?- much better prices...)

I don't know blacet cables specifically, but typically I use a razor blade to expose the wire and then a wire stripper to strip the wire.

I can't think of anything else you would need to make cables...
On the helping hands, if you swap the position of the magnifying glass and one of the hands you can get both hands close enough to be useful together. Probably old news but hey, someone might find it useful.
I have access to a Fry's electronics here in San Diego so I think that would be my best bet. The place is ridiculous. I have to poo immediately upon entering the building. oops

Any recommendation for solder technique? There's gotta be 1.2 trillion tutorial videos I'd imagine.

This is excellent advice so far - I think this will be fun!
i got a few blacet cable kits when i was getting into modular a year ago and i still like them. they cost more than when analogue haven sold them but they still rock.

all you need is a razor blade, a soldering iron, and some solder. only 2 out of the 30 i made have gone bad.
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