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Euro vs. MU circuits, features, and sound...
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Author Euro vs. MU circuits, features, and sound...
Have had my eyes out for a few of the STG modules that are NLA but there appears to be inventory at some resellers and certainly folks selling STG in EURO format.

What differences exist between the two families said from the obvious plug type, voltage requirements and form factor?

Specifically interested in WaveFolder, VCA
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that all of the STG designs in Euro & MU either use the same circuit-boards, or if they don't, are being reworked to use the same circuit-boards.

The WaveFolder has the same features in Euro & MU. (It is an awesome module, btw... it seems very subtle at first, but once you become friends with it you'll love it.)

The MU VCA module was discontinued last year. (I wish I'd managed to snag one.) It is being reworked to use the same boards as the Euro one, but I don't entirely know what the feature set will be.

While I'm at it...

Euro .bam = sort of a combo of MU Active Attenuators + Active Multiples.

Euro .com = the new MU Pulse Matrix. (Pulse Matrix adds a very useful attenuator for the CV input.)

Euro .mix = MU Mixer. (MU version adds 2 channels + extra output options + fixed voltage normalizations.)

Euro .shn = not currently in MU. (I think Suit was planning on combining it with some other stuff?)

Euro Graphic Sequencer = MU Voltage Mini-Store + 1/3 MU Shift Manager

Euro Trigger Sequencer = MU Trigger Mini-Store + 1/3 MU Shift Manager

Euro Time Buffer = MU Time Buffer



Hope that helps!
I believe the .SHN was going to be combined with the .ASR (analog shift register - still in development) in MU format.

Missing from the list are the Time Divider and the Switch modules. Both are in the pipeline for SMT and release in both formats.
Thanks for the feedback. That definitely helps.

It's difficult figuring out which way to go (hold on the MU and just wait patiently for 6 mos, a year or longer for all to materialize) or buy Euro knowing that I may suffer from buyers remorse if I pick something up and it's shortly 'replaced' but something with more features and gizmos.

I work in technology and am constantly reviewing vendor Roadmaps of future releases (which they rarely meet : ). That a hedge as well and we base buying decisions on what will be available when; no different here I guess.

Don't get me wrong, I'm loving it all and the STG modules are a the top of my list; what I've seen so far is top notch quality; I just wish the availability was a bit better.

Here's to waiting... Guinness ftw!
dude i wish the availability was better, too. i'm working on that.

i must thank the thread for answering this question for me pretty well. however a couple of details:

.SHN in moog format is actually going to be either a dual .SHN or a .SHN and a transistor-based ring modulator (nothing lab-grade, i want something nasty like an EMS.)

the .ASR will actually be a dual digital 0-5V ASR in moog format with scale selection and another nifty feature. scale select and that other nifty feature will become part of an aid module for several .ASR units in euro format. none of these panels except for the .ASR are finalised yet.
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