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Critique my rig
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Author Critique my rig
Hey all,

I know these threads come up a lot but I'd love some feedback

As of a couple days from now this is my setup:
(mentally swap out the VCS with a mutamix)

The idea behind it being a synth and sequencing funbox to make sick minimal techno alongside my machinedrum.

I think for sequencing duties I'm pretty solid, I'd love to get a res4 when they are available again but aside from that am not sure what else might be useful. crossfades maybe? Again, would love some feedback.

Oh, and the bottom two rows are a goike boat, so there's some extra HP there not pictured.
Looks like a ton of fun to me, but maybe you could use an optomix. That black knob borg is a little too fast for nice rounded LPG sounds, and you certainly have enough sounds sources to put through one. You could also use an attenuator also. Something small like a uAtt. uStep?
imho you have not funboxily sequenced until you have tried random and semi-random voltages into a phonogene.

seriously though, nice system.
+1 on the optomix (or some other flavor of multi-channel slo-pass gatez). i'd also maybe look into the azimuth for some fun stereo action. maybe a fonik mh01 or cvtools for some bi-polar cv mixing/attenuating. also maybe a sound of shadows? I really loved my sound of shadows + azimuth to really get some noisy swirly textures moving around.

really nice rig though, you could explore what you have there for a looong time. It's motherfucking bacon yo
Very nice and well-rounded. Are you trying to keep it to the 12U there or thinking of growing larger? I would say anything to add and keep in the current rack depends on what you like to do. I like to play with different filters and cross-modulated oscillators so I would vote for adding a filter that can do other things. Maybe a Dr. Octature or a Corgo? Besides filtering, you can wave shape/fold the sine outs from the Corgo and go all sorts of extra places with that.
nice system, what I would add...
...a fat 24db filter (maybe a Boogie) and an AntiOsc...

but it's not like you really need that, it's just what I would like in that rig
great choices - z8000 and rene are really, really great together!

great setup - i actually have 12 of those modules, so you seem to have similar tastes to me.

maybe take a look at this planner view of my latest setup and see if anything appeals:

the blank panels next to the E350/ cyclebox are their relative expanders

one of the blue lantern filters is actually the polvoks clone (the other is the diode)

there's also a few delay pedals, including the EHX Memory Boy Deluxe which takes CVs

i also have 2 DIY boxes that include 4 x 4 way multiples, 8 attenuators ....largely for distributing clocks and modulation routings
Looks killer, you cold have fun with that for years with out any thing else...

I assume you will populate it in a more sensible manor, A quantizer would be nice and some attenuation I think..

Good work
I just spotted your quantizer...sorry
Are we past recomending 2-4 more MATHS per rig?
Looks great indeed, might want to add an Intellijel Unity mixer next to that uAtt, you can build a very flexible mixer that way, can always come in handy!
bassman194 wrote:
Are we past recomending 2-4 more MATHS per rig?

zombie well now that *you* mention it, bassman194, i can definitely see space for at least one more MATHs in both 30ohm and mattech's rigs.... tho a 2nd PEG would sit quite nicely in either case as well! razz

And how exactly does one get a second Maths, or any Maths? It requires clicking refresh every 30 seconds on the For Sale forum, 24/7.
thanks for the positive feedback! unity mixer sounds like a good addition. I think maybe that and a nice ringy LPG will come in the next wave.
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