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IDOW Extended Interview #6: Orphx
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Author IDOW Extended Interview #6: Orphx
s o l v e n t
'I Dream of Wires' Extended Interview Series #6:
"Orphx & Modulars - The Physical Element"

Third in a series of five weekly exclusive features for MUTEK TV.

Canadian duo Orphx have been releasing electronic music since 1993, and while they were best known in experimental/industrial music circles for many years, today they are regarded as pioneers in the fusion of techno and industrial music. Orphx's recent output on Sonic Groove has met with critical acclaim from many of techno's leading DJs. Having performed live with laptops for several years, Orphx's Christina Sealey made the decision to delve in modular synthesizers, hoping it would bring some spontaneity and excitement to Orphx's music, both on stage and in the studio. hysical-element
tony d
Nice man,i'm glad this happened.
Very happy they were included. Saw them play once, definitely worth it. In fact, it is part of the reason I decided to start gathering modulars Mr. Green
Had orphx play for us in Manchester last weekend.... Realy good night. The event is called ritual, we're on Facebook. wink
UK tho.
I can't stop watching this along with Carter's interview. Amazing, I love these guys and Circuitbending is one of the best electronic stuff I've heard these years. Trippy as hell, esoteric, dense.
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