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ADDAC001 Voltage Controlled Computer Updates
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Author ADDAC001 Voltage Controlled Computer Updates
Hello all,

Currently we're re-programming the ADDAC001 Voltage Controlled Computer Series. I'd like to introduce João Fonseca who is creating new tutorial sketches, he'll be posting updates here soon!
We want to make everything simpler to use and welcome new users!

you can see the whole series here:

We've been developing this series in the last 3 years and it's better than ever, it's our Swiss Army knife module, a CV generator/modifier chameleon with 8 channels of analog output at 16bit (meaning a resolution between 0-65535, instead of standard 8bit 0-255).

It features super complex functions as our complex random, ultra lissajous or marble physics, plus many more that have not been made into standalone modules.

We're also working on making it compatible with the 20 objects examples and the ardcore code ( all of which are also arduino based)

This series, up to now, has 8 modules expanding the 001 possibilities with the addition of CV inputs, Manual inputs, Digital Inputs and Outputs, Ethernet (OSC enabled) and MIDI, currently we're also working in a DMX expansion Module.

More updates soon!

all the very best

Okay you had me when you said 16bit res but when you said that it is also compatible with the ardcore stuff, I knew I had to have this.
One more question though: Isn't there a wavetable vco sketch for the ardcore? So could I basically run a wavetable vco on mode a and a bunch of complex envelopes on mode b while keeping it all nice and tight in timing?
If I understand correctly, this could be synched to my daw almost sample accurate, no? Dead Banana


PS: A lot of the older Addac stuff (expanders, mixers) still have the old jacks, will they be updated to fit the even fresher new style?
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