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Anyone use Garageband to record your modular synth sessions?
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Author Anyone use Garageband to record your modular synth sessions?
Does anyone actually use Garageband to record their modular synth sessions?

I'm not used to using Garageband for recording but the convenience of it already in my macbook sounds, well, convenient.

Just wondering if its a good "DAW", how many people use it and what are the features like? Do they suck?

Its limited for sure but for simple tracking with some vst effects its pretty convenient and sounds good. But then any program can be convenient once its installed and mastered.
I've done all my modular recordings in Garageband. Then again, all those recordings have been essentially improvised jam sessions--hit record, play whatever for an hour... you know.

The only included effects I've used are the compressor, eq, and reverb. None require much know-how, but I'm happy with what they can do. The only thing I'm curious about is how to sync tracks when recording multiple parts over time. I've selected the "snap to grid" option, but since its only receiving audio rather than sending MIDI clock, I don't know how effective it will be.
i use Garageband to record multiple tracks
6 channels at once
two channels dedicated to my modular system
the other 4 are synths
or my drum impact output and individual outs for Kick /Hi hats/ snare
Found some cool VST but the sounds ( This is why i got into modular gear the sound is so much more powerful and in your face in my opinion but im a noob
Garageband is really not bad. Especially if you’re not really trying to mix with lots of plugins. If all you need to do is record a synth it’s more than enough.
the DAW software is not really relevant for simple tracking. Recordings can always be transferred. What matters are the converters, the audio interface. Although this doesn't matter much nowadays, as all modern interfaces have good converters.

So in the end, all this doesn't matter. What really matters is the input and gain staging (setting the proper levels while recording).
umma gumma
I used Garageband for a bit, since it came installed on my Mac

but it's really a pain in the ass, compared to a real DAW like Reaper, which is only $60 for a non-commercial license

that is what I would suggest
Its definitely capable of recording audio but I wouldnt really use it for anything past that. I wouldn't classify Garageband as a full fledged DAW, def better off with Ableton or something.
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