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Freq shifter - Fs-1a
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Author Freq shifter - Fs-1a
About to build my jh-fs1

Wondering what u guys think - desktop effect unit or wack it behind a 2u panel. Im finding it hard to decide.

Might go nice with my other jh desktop units But i know it would be fun in the modular

these PCBs aren't still available I assume?
Currently they're unobtanium. That could change.

Luka - I have no idea. The modular version is extremely cool though, but a bitch to get wired up - and I'd assume a boxed version would be even more so.
The version I've seen with the Buchla panel looks awesome!
that is my concern with desktop unit sduck

do you have any pics of your build - pcb side
2 sides -

JH FS1a side2 by sduck409, on Flickr

JH FS1a side1 by sduck409, on Flickr

JH FS1a front by sduck409, on Flickr

(Thanks Dave Brown for the fantastic panel design!)

Apparently I was using a lot of heat shrink tubing during this build. I'm not sure what's up with that.
Thanks mate

Do u do a lot of external signal processing with it?
Not really any at all.. yet. But i don't see why it wouldn't work - there's a lot of range on the input pots, and I left out the mic preamp circuit.


If you have more FS1a, and would be interested to sell, I would like to by at least one.

PCB or mounted.

Best Regards,

hi pk - i dont have any spares sorry

sduck im going to hassle you a bit cos you have finished yours smile

are the output signal levels hot enough for modular usage?

are bypass switches useful?
It's great device! (i have one)

sduck wrote:
Currently they're unobtanium. That could change.

I haven't heard any movement on that lately. cry

Now that JH is gone, I wish I had splurged and gotten some of all his boards.
Perhaps someday they'll be released again. Wouldn't minded grabbing his VCO as well!

Luka wrote:

Do u do a lot of external signal processing with it?

the FS-1A is my most important module in my whole modular.
If i process external signals the FS-1A is my most important module aswell.

if you ask me, both makes sense. desktop or modular.
signal levels are hot enough on the output and have enough gain on the input for line level signals, i think even for weak signals.
( i still have not wired up the micpre, so not speaking of that input )

i use sometimes the bypass. i find bypass switches useful on any FX units like phasers or also filters, wavemultipliers etc.
what i not really use is the wet/dry pots.
I have built my two units with two CV inputs on the linear inputs. for a modular version i would recommend this.
If i´d built another FS-1A i even would add a second EXP Cv input.
all CV inputs with muteswitches ( but thats me )

Feedback is very useful on the FS-1A,
Regardless that the unit has two outs, i have added a own FB insertloop.
Man, can you do things with some clever patchings within the feedbackloop........
huge playground anyway

I´m VERY thankful to Jürgen for this, his Masterpiece IMO
BRAVO Jürgen applause applause

I surch for some boards too btw.
Thanks funky
I love love love the look of the desktop boxes you have made so far and it would be cool to do another!
Quick answer - yes, the outputs are modular level - totally useful. About the switches - I don't really ever use them, but they're part of the design, so there they are. I'm guessing you've seen this - it has a good example of why the bypass switches are maybe not such a good idea -

cool thanks steve

i had seen that but when i watched it over at e-m the captions didnt come up - maybe i was watching from my ipad.

im excited about this one. i have a preliminary design for desktop unit. i am hoping like hell i can fit everything inside the case. its going to be tight. might need to build an external psu section so everything fits sandwidged ok
Would love to have a couple of these..
*fingers crossed*
Me too, very very much
has anyone compared it to a dacs freque II?

need to get mine wired into my modular asap!
been ignoring this circuit (and the cwejman one for that matter) because of how expensive it is and the insanity of building one... but watching that video has unfortunately made me really want one. frequency shifting in synthesis is something i haven't even tried, i can't imagine how many things you can do with it.

what i would like to see in a demo (or at least hear about if anyone can chime in) is different linear modulation sources. do audio-rate sources (like say a VCO through a wavefolder) FM it in a similar fashion to what it would sound like on an oscillator, or is it totally different?

would really like to hear it in between modulation sources, it's got to sound pretty ill in any dynamic FM patch.

wonder if the time it takes to build one of these coupled with all the part costs wouldn't make buying the cwejman a viable alternative.
the freque sounds pretty sick and that's just with the built in sinusoidal LFOs.

the reason i started building a modular was to provide it with some more interesting modulation options and I seem to have got a little carried away meh
Is it plausible that these PCBs will be made again? And if not, is there a comparable DIY project? Thanks
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