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Opinions on QUALITY Reverbs
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Author Opinions on QUALITY Reverbs
I'm researching what the best option would be to bring some good, QUALITY reverb to my modular synth setup. Opinions would be greatly appreciated.

What do y'all use for reverb?? (excluding plugins)

Quantec QRS
Ensoniq DP2


Zerotronics Mini LE
Felix seems to like the Malekko Spring Chicken. That might be an option for you, although it's not "analog" per se.
The price seems right though.

Any chance you could move this topic to the "General Gear" section until you figure out what you might like. It will probably get conversational and will keep bumping the FS/WTT/WTB threads down. That might irritate some folks. thumbs up
wow. you rank the dp2 that high?

( I have a broken one someone gave me to fix...I may have to look into it after all).

mono-poly wrote:

Quantec QRS
Ensoniq DP2


Zerotronics Mini LE
Fisher Space Expander
Roland RE 201
I've always wanted an EMT plate. No room, though.
Muff Wiggler
Moved to General Gear, hope that's ok.

If you are DIY capable, the Tellun Neural Agonizer is about as modular-oriented as a reverb can get. It seems like a daunting project, but with faceplates made by Bridechamber and PCBs and a BOM by Tellun, it's really just a matter of spending an afternoon piecing it all together.

If you don't have a 5U system you could always transplant it to a dedicated box easily. It's capable of high quality "standard" spring reverb, but the many variations on that theme are what makes it such a comprehensive module.
Any opinions on the Modcan spring reverb (35a/b)?
Thanks for moving the thread. It started out as a WTB but I realized I need some research first. 8_)

Zentronics Mini LE - WOA, drool. Out of price range though.

Quantec - Amazingly 1991 looking website. All incarnations are pretty pricey as well, correct?

Space Echo - yes, yes, yes. Although...I'm not meticulous about maintenance and I'm not sure how much care these take. Anyone bought one recently. They look to be anywhere between $600-900.

Spring Chicken - Low price, pedal format though. Unless its something "vintage" like a space echo or something else like the zentronics, i'd like to stay away from a stand alone unit.

The Neural Agonizer seems like it may be a front runner. Perhaps it could be persuaded to fit into a euro format if the interface was stretched wider? I'm not a DIY guy but I have some on my side; lol

I bet there's some other options out there as well...ya?
I like the demeteramps RV-1 Real Spring Reverb ...sounds great and its quality is excellent! thumbs up
another coolsprings le user here. lovely sound!
D&R Stereo is a nice spring reverb. Should have kept mine. 1u rack with I 12 springs in there (!)
My main spring now is an AKG BX25 and it's brilliant. Haven't heard a better spring.
i still haven't built my NA. was originally gonna frac it but when the tanks arrived i went MY ASS IS BLEEDING

there's no way in hell that's not gonna have it's own case.

anyone built one up as a stand alone?
I did name the dp2 because i have it.
And i think it is an fantastic reverb for it's price.

Ooow i have a bx20 to but it needs some repair.
I thought that you had requested ANALOG Reverb. There are several digital units mentioned here. Is it any reverb that is in a box or any reverb that isn't a plug-in?

The Furman Spring Reverb is cheap as hell and sounds great. Peavey and Demeter make/made Spring Verbs as well.
I use a Space Echo. That would be a good way to go especially since they usually contain a spring reverb and you can modify the effect a reasonable amount

A spring is nice to have, and obviously some sound better than others, but they do tend to have pretty much one sound per unit meaning it's definitely boring in my book to use one all the time. I also have an Analogue Solutions spring, though it's got a bit of hum I have to sort out.

Analogue Systems makes a Chorus Reverb and Doepfer makes a Tapped BBD Module. Both use a multitapped BBD chip meaning you get multiple delays out of it rather than one. The Analogue Systems one is understandably a bit low-fi but does suppress a whole lot more of the noise and clocks compared to the doepfer one. It's range isn't too wide though and it doesn't have a lot of features though it is useable for some things. They missed the boat on not making it stereo out since the chip has multiple outs. Comparatively, Doepfer took a weird move with their module. It's full of features, stereo out and has mondo of parameter control... but then they kept to their lets not add circuitry to clean up the sound policy and what you have is a noisy (no companding, no filtering) chip with audible clock sounds in much of it's range.

As for digital, I finally got a Lexicon 224 (from circa 1980). So while digital it's also a vintage sound that's quite special and not at all like the cheap digital multiFX a lot of people shove on nice sounding synths.
Any Vermona Retroverb users feel like commenting here? I've had one on my hit-list for ages.
The Retroverb is and sounds fantastic. Lots of fun control too.. and it's got a "crash" button! SP-P-P-P-ROING!
Love my Fisher Spring Reverb!

Got it on eBay a few years ago for like $30... the guy spelled the name wrong and had no clue what it was!! :-)
The Retroverb is and sounds fantastic.

yes, lush and long decay

good for long reverb
but for (short) drum reberb i prefer the space echo RE201.
I edited the subject of the post to remove exclusivity to analog reverbs. I'm not against digital...I'm personally looking for the best reverb companion for my modular system. I have plenty of faith in some reverb plugins I use in my DAW...but I feel my modular deserves some really stellar reverb easily patchable and portable as my modular rack is. It's peanut butter jelly time!

the Vermona Retroverb looks awesome...does anybody have any recorded tracks featuring it?
The Kurzweil Rumour is ridiculously good for the price (~300) - algos from the guy behind the Ursa Major Space Station, very good conversion, digital i/o. I suspect you'd need to spend upwards of 1.5k to get a better reverb.

I also do like my DP4 - it's dustier, soundwise, sounds like a warehouse rave.
the Vermona Retroverb looks awesome...does anybody have any recorded tracks featuring it?

a lots of audio clips are available on vermona's website,92,0,0,1,0
bricasti m7

emt plate

lexicon pcm96

tc electronic whateveritis

i've been badly jonesing for the bricasti recently.
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