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Accutronics Digi-Log Reverb Module
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Author Accutronics Digi-Log Reverb Module
Morning all.
So after a bit of a palaver trying to get access to this thread...

I decided I wanted to build myself a simple reverb and bought an Accutronics BTDR-3. Then I found Fonik's version of the circuit in this thread, and - working on the assumption that the BTDR-2 would be largely the same as the BTDR-3 - decided to give it a shot along with some bells & whistles from some stomp box forums.

Anyway, I'm almost finished, it basically works, so I'm asking Fonik if I can post the schematic when I'm ready..?
Do these modules emulate spring reverb, or just provide some flavor of digital reverb? I suppose I could buy one and connect it to my MTM Spring module, which has an interface for it....

I have an Electro Harmonix Holy Grail pedal that is built around a DSP and provides three emulations, including spring. The way the PCB is mounted makes it impossible to see what the DSP is without taking everything apart.
They're not spring emulations, they use a (well actually several) PT2399 to achieve the reverb. There's a bit of a pre-delay as the first PT2399 kicks in, but I think it sounds okay, maybe even good. It gave me a little hint of that kind of digital growl you get on early digital reverbs, but I was messing around with capacitors at the time. the DR3 has a bit of cross routing, but the DR2 is the one that fits the MTM Spring. You could possibly crowbar in a DR3 if you could cater for the increased size, because I think the first six pins are identical
With Matthias' blessing here's my schematic for the DR3. I basically took Matthias' component values from the original post and applied them to the Accutronics application circuit for the DR3, then I cobbled together a load of ideas I found on various stompbox forums...

PDF version here -

I might also post a demo, but I need to check it first - not entirely certain it's going to be any use

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