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Couple of Serge and Bugbrand Bubble Beats
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Author Couple of Serge and Bugbrand Bubble Beats
Hello guys. A couple of new Serge/Bugbrand instant minimal groove ditties. One take jobbies with no external drums, sequencing or mixing.

worth pointing out that you probably won't hear the bass drum at all on computer speakers, which might be odd

If you look on my vimeo site the first two parts of the set are there too. All four vids use an essentially similar patch in slightly different ways.

(and sorry about vimeo's audio compression shit. I nomally don't hear it at work but its pretty obvious on these, I guess it has problems with low sine waves!)
applause they go exquisitely well together - very, very nice!

are these your first recordings of BugBrand! modules, btw?


No I've used it a lot but just not on any videos up to now: cross FMing the Bug VCOs with Serge works very nicely. And despite what some have said the Bug VCFs are very different (somewhere between the serge VCFQ and a 303 I often think). The Bug adds of couple of LPGs which i always find useful, a pair of PT delays love love joystick, amazing waveshaper, E350 and various other bits and baubles. I built the Bug more as a portable standalone gig system but the euro seems to have taken over that job so its all racked up for now the system seems to have merged!

unfortunately this process taught me that I definitely need a bigger mixer :(
Great sounds you are working with there! love
Richard, you've given me an insatiable lust for Bugbrand. Bite!

Seriously, fucking awesome tracks!
I finally got around to listening last night -- very enjoyable!
cheers guys. I seem to be going a bit disco in my old ages. I have a feeling to do a proper album of this kind of stuff. Been years since I even did anything with a straight beat. It does feel quite different doing it with this setup than midi or Logic - very different
Digging it muchly! Nice visuals too SlayerBadger!

I agree that creating grooves in this manner feels very different than using midi/software, much more visceral and intuitive not too mention fun It's peanut butter jelly time!

Love it!
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