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incorporating stomp boxes into a modular, a few questions
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Author incorporating stomp boxes into a modular, a few questions
I have a couple of pedals that I want to build into Euro modular panels.

Providing a 9V supply is easy with a 7809 and a couple of caps.

I realise that the input is designed for guitar level so I'm after a basic circuit that I can add to sort out the levels.

Also I plan to keep the bypass function but with a latching press switch as I think it will be good to be able to drop the effect in and out of the patch without re-patching. However I was wondering if there is a simple way of having an input socket as well so that the effect can be bypassed and enabled with an LFO or whatever.

Help would be appreciated.


- when doing DIY - ALWAYS check Ken's site first smile

also, wrt powering, make sure to check the current draw on the pedal, some devices can bleed your PSU dry real quick, making it much more reasonable and affordable to build a dedicated 9v supply into your case.
Thanks Wetterberg

What a pain I didn't realise this a few weeks ago. I order one of Ken's VCS boards and I could have gotten a handfull of these at the same time :(

Oh well back to the ordering page.

Now I need to think about the bypass switching socket.

I was thinking I'd need a S&H circuit in there to maintain status of the switch between gate state changes. Any thoughts anyone?

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