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What type of cases do you have your 300 in? Ideas/Suggestion
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Author What type of cases do you have your 300 in? Ideas/Suggestion
What kind of cases are you all keeping your lovely 300 systems in?

Wiard do not offer their convenient custom blue rack frames any longer so I'm gonna have to try and get a little more creative.

I was thinking one of Hinton's Gator cases would work well and probably be pretty convenient too but I just wanted to see if any other 300 collectors had any other great ideas or suggestions with 300 Series cases and wanted to share.

Gator 300 Series case link: jpg
Goike makes beautiful 300 cases, if portability is not your chief prerogative.
aethersprite wrote:
Goike makes beautiful 300 cases, if portability is not your chief prerogative.

Thanks, I didn't know that. Do you have links to any photos of a Goike case with W300 modules or even just the case itself?
I'm currently talking to Matthew (Goikes) about a 300 case. This image is from his site:

Also there is a thread about another 300 user that has a Goikes case.
sensanalog's case is pretty damn nice!
Scroll about 8 posts into the following thread: b92d971f457b6fee048cac

I personally just have a small Goike like the one pictured, but I might be looking to upgrade that at some point. Goike does nice work, but I think I would rather do something different.
Gator style case ... good for travelling and good for live venues and upgradeability. Less good for aesthetics and comfort at home.

Hinton PSU in rear and possible output input connectors can be put in rear too.
rico loverde
Im currently having Bryan B make me a blue acrylic case. Its gonna be about 126 hp (9 wiard 300 modules) on top and the 2 rows of euro wiard below. It will also have the wiard eagle etched in white on the sides. Bryan has been really awesome to work with, great communication and he works really fast. Matthew Goike is awesome as well to deal with. I believe Matthew has been designing a custom 300 case for Muff.

There is a pic of a 300 case Bryan did in this thread, mine will be out of the same material/color: torder=desc&start=20
Yeah, Bryan's been getting tons of requests lately! Everything I've seen of his has been superb, so the attention is well-deserved.

Interested to see your Wiard/Euro combo case Rico. That is exactly what i'm thinking too - though I might do 9U to incorporate all those modules Grant and Josh tease us with too...
I agree with Bryan's work. It is absolutely gorgeous! Especially with the sunlight shining in on the modules and the blue acrylic. It glows in my studio!
The case is very sturdy and well built. He designed it so the Hinton PSU is mounted to the back of it. I have been meaning to take a picture of the case with my first batch of 300 modules. I will do it tonight since I have eight of the total twelve of them mounted in it at the time.
Bryan has also designed some bug brand cheeks with some etching on them as well.
To top it off, he is a great guy! thumbs up
The only downfall is it is not portable, but how portable can I expect twelve 300 series modules to be?
I just posted a couple pics in this forum to check out:
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