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Prototyping to production?
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Author Prototyping to production?
Since I started buying modules, I've had a couple ideas for modules kicking around in the back of my head. With the Arduino community really blossoming (and the fact that I am more comfortable writing software logic than reading spec sheets), I think I finally have a platform to develop/test out some of my module ideas.

Now my question is, how do I move from breadboarded Arduino prototypes to standalone modules? Even if I only end up with a couple modules for myself, my OCD says that having some project boxed Arduino module is not the same as having a nice well-laid circuit board with a nice panel. I am fully willing to hand over "production" to someone else (not sure of those people actually exist), so that may be an option...?

Sub-question: Should I even be messing with Arduino if I'd have to completely re-write/engineer all of my code for whatever chip is more appropriate? Eric Brombaugh's dsPIC prototyping boards seem like they may be more appropriate, but the Arduino community seems a lot larger than the dsPIC community and the learning curve a bit gentler.
Here's a good getting-started link: SparkFun Tutorials
I learned a lot of good tricks from SparkFun. They documented a lot of the things they learned as they went from idea to a full business.

Original Toner Transfer Technique article: Gootee PCB

Many good PCB layout tips:

A lot of info on various PCB houses & other PCB info:

An apocalyptic f*ckload of links on electronics - theory, design, layout, construction...: links
Scroll up for the electronics stuff & more.

Oh yeah - I don't know a damn thing about Arduino, sorry.
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