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Bug brand delays and reverbs
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Author Bug brand delays and reverbs
Greetings, looking for some knowledge on bugbrand delays and to bugbrand and have heard some great stuff... This is fun!
you may want to try and do some research yourself... it's not that hard actually.

how about starting with the bugbrand website, google a bit and check youtube? seriously, i just don't get it
Bugbrand do a wonderful standalone delay called PT Delay ducts_id=103
yes..... I am looking forward to it coming back - might well replace my litle tc electronic flashback pedal...
I can't wait for it (the PT Delay) to come back. Oh wait, that's up to me, isn't it?! ....... Hmmm..... A so called 'small revision' has dragged on for months already - thought I was nearing the finish line, but not quite just yet - lots of other bits vying for my attention (umm, holiday at the moment actually!)

I never made a proper reverb setup - just a one-off spring-tank driver ages ago. I've had 20 or so reverb tanks (mini ones) sat on the shelf for about 5 years now, taunting me now and then...

Personally for my live setups I tend to employ the wonderful Eventide TimeFactor for delay and the EH Cathedral currently for reverb (though will someday get an Eventide Space for sure - love that range of pedals)
Paradigm X
Will we ever see you again, pt delay?

Paradigm X
Just scored one on ebay, £150!!!


Many thanks Tib for the heads up!!!

thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
It's peanut butter jelly time! It's peanut butter jelly time! It's peanut butter jelly time!
Good catch, I saw that this morning.

You won't be disappointed thumbs up
Paradigm X
yeah, been after one for ages. daren's 303+606 demo is amazing...

im very happy. This is fun!

at the risk of boring anyone who'll listen to tears, ive gone completely hardware after using pcs for years, and have reinvested in a ton of nice hardware, but was missing and wanted a nice delay unit. almost written this one off, and bought but there it is, taking up the rest of ma monies!

A perfect conclusion.

nice juan.

It's peanut butter jelly time!
Glad you bagged that- mine now feels safer after mrX tried to *steal mine when picking up something else... The way he looked at my PTdelay made it feel dirty and used.

*not literally!
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