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The Raven will be released in March!!!
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Author The Raven will be released in March!!!

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Pro Tone Pedals
Date: Jan 17, 2007 7:39 PM

The Raven pedal is in a class of its own- at the initial onset, the Raven is a lush chorus designed to reproduce some of the classic sounds bassist / producer Paul Raven has unleashed during his 30 years in the recording industry as an essential part of luminaries such as Killing Joke, Prong, Ministry, Godflesh and many others.

Lurking under the layer of chorus resides a layer of thick, full bodied fuzz. This concept is an industry 1st and was designed to meet the rigorous tone shaping requirements that a Journeyman of Raven's standards would demand.

To take the obsession with tonal flexibility even further we've designed the Chop Chop switch- the ability to convert the lush chorus into a slurred vibrato unlike anything else available today with a simple flick of a toggle switch.

Because Paul Raven is not just a bass player, but a highly sought after producer, the Raven pedal serves double duty- as both a bass effect, and a guitar effect pedal. The Kaw switch adjust the bass frequency response to provided maximum flexibility both on stage and in the studio.

To make this pedal truly unique Raven teamed with Pro Tone Pedals renowned artist Felix LaFlamme to compose show stopping artwork all the way down to the Red Evil Eye.
The Raven will be made available on a limited basis in March- with the 1st batch being hand signed an numbered by R A V E N himself.

Drop us a line to get added to the list!

Looks pretty freaking sweet!!!! grin
Muff Wiggler
interesting indeed...

thanks for posting this, i've never heard of it at all :shock:

Definately a fan of a lot of the stuff Paul Raven has done, and I'm sure this unit will be fantastic for bringing the doom 8)

Personally the mid-90's goth graphics aren't doing anything for me, however on the other hand it's the sound that counts (and, haha, I actually like the immature graphics that Metasonix uses at times, so please ignore my opinion on graphical treatments, it's subjective and meaningless)

but incorporating the LED into the graphics like they have is a cool little move

and haha, kind of weak marketing to promote the fact that a 'bass pedal' can also be used 'for guitar!' (you guys should be trying stuff like that with your pedals even if the manufacturer doesn't tell you to!), but again, on the other side, it's ad copy, they kinda have to pull those punches, don't they?

hmm, i can't decide if i'm a devil's advocate this morning or not lol

seriously, always cool to see something new in the world of pedals and not another clone. And i have to say that the combo of chorus + fuzz + the ability to chop chop the chorus into a dirty vibrato sounds pretty damn tasty!
will I get one? quoth the 'Puma..."Nevermore"
The bummer is its a limited run mad
Which means that I will need to preorder very very very soon, if its not too late already...Which means that i drop 200 now but dont get it untill they ship in march....Which again presents a bit of a prob...

Looks really fun and a unique add to a collection, but i think(after a lot of thinking) that i need to move towards the other "big purchase" that i cant stop thinking about lol
Muff Wiggler
all depends on what would be more useful for what you are doing...

i would guess that from the TM-7 you'll be looking at loads of gain, very raw, unstable distortion, and if you desire, pops and clicks and static and hums

for me, that's more useful than a chorus/fuzz/tremolo (and that's not to say the latter doesn't sound like an interesting and fun blend), but that probably isn't true for most people....
Paul Raven is dead at 46

I never did get the limited issue of the Raven chorus/fuzz.

Paul left us with plenty of great tunes to remember him,
Its too bad I didn't get the signed limited issue of the Raven as well.
Rest In Peace man.

And heres that damn pic I was trying to find:
Muff Wiggler
RIP Mr. Raven

seen him twice - one heavy, heavy player that guy
No doubt. One of my favoritest bassists ever.
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