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once again: cheapest vactrol source atm?
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Author once again: cheapest vactrol source atm?
I do and will support bridechamber for a lot of my stuff, but I'll need a whole stack of vactrols and was hoping for a european source?

only guys I've seen sell at rational prices are allied elec, their VTL5C3 is like $2.30...

- has anyone seen them cheaper?
Someone just posted on e-m that they found a cheaper price at some shop on your side of the pond, but I can't remember the name - check T. White's LPG thread.
fuckin' aye - on my way!
allied are the cheapest by a mile at the moment
that is a mega discount price due to overstock
normally allied sell them for 4.50 which was at the time one of the cheapest prices confused 2.30 is a bargain

there was a guy on e-m who stumbled on a big lot of vtl5c4s for cheap but not 5c3s. really you will want 5c3s for most synth applications
actually, don't a bunch of designs need the vtl5c3/2 ? that's the one referred to in the electro-music thread, btw.
btw; 30!!! LPGs? Christ, luka! we're not worthy
wetterberg wrote:
actually, don't a bunch of designs need the vtl5c3/2 ? that's the one referred to in the electro-music thread, btw.

Yeah I just re-read it and realized they were referring to the /2.
i split them with spbaker hehe

plans are for some slow gates
and also some vactrol ring mods

you gotta jump on cheap deals when they come up
so we pounced
for the T.White lpg a single /2 can go in place of the other - much better economy that way.
- does anyone know if he sold all the boards this time around or if there's extras?
he has 25 board left apparently
cheers Luka, that's how I read it too (but I'm cautious, I bugged him last time around :doh!smile
shit, now I'm leaning towards the slower VTL5C4/2... but can't find that anywhere...
- i like the fact that you get that tail with just a simple gate... but then it reduces the usefulness in other areas... thoughts?
how many do you need?
i can prob send you a couple
Farnell (at least in the UK) carry them (in the Optocouplers section).

VTL5C1 - £3.38
VTL5C2 - £3.50
VTL5C3 - £3.56
VTL5C4 - £2.35
VTL5C4/2 - £3.12

Perhaps slightly expensive...

(prices for single units, there are discounts when buying 25+)
In the UK RS has some cheaper than Farnell, some more expensive: chProducts&searchTerm=vactrol&x=0&y=0
Unfortunately, RS only stock them as part of their 'extended range' - which means if your order is less than £100, they charge you a £10 fee. And then it is a 15 day lead time.
I just got a load of VTL5C3 and /2 from RS -- I'd ordered things a couple of times from then, but don't use them regularly. In May they sent me a letter offering 15% off my next order (over £100) - I lost time and didn't cash this offer in, but then in June they sent me a fresh offer for 25% off! Bingo - time to place a big order for vactrols I think!

Hey, Wetterberg - I tried out the VTL5C4s and found them far too slow in most circumstances. I still have quite a few of them plus the /2 doubles - could probably pass on 20 of each if you're interested..
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