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Shld I purchase 2 300 modules or 1 300 module and the PSU?
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Author Shld I purchase 2 300 modules or 1 300 module and the PSU?
I sold a bunch of gear to buy some Series 300 gear and I'm still waiting to sell a little more.

I just bought my first 300 Series module, a Woggle Bug, for a great price off a fellow wiggler.

I have around 2K at the moment until I sell the rest of the gear which then I will have around 3K.

So I know this might be an easy question to some but I'm trying to decide whether I should go ahead a buy 2 more Series 300 modules new with the 2K I have OR should I buy 1 more module right now and use the other 1K for the housing and PSU?

Really trying to decide.

Which would you do?

I know some might think its pointless to buy modules and not have the PSU to power them.

But its either I can buy 2 more modules now and buy the PSU when I sell the rest of the gear I'm selling, or buy 1 more module right now and buy the PSU so that I can soon power the 2 modules I will have then buy a 3rd module when I sell the rest of the gear?

decisions, decisions.

Thanks for any advice.
thumbs up in my opinion getting a power-supply + housing for the modules first makes more sense. this way you can decide what to get next to get next based on firsthand experience. it's what i'm planning on doing, at any rate.

thanks for you input, numan7. I think yre prob right.

which leads me to my next question.

fellow 300ers, If I have a woggle bug, which 2nd module would you buy first between a waveform city and borg filters?

which out of the 2 will compliment the woggle bug better?

thanks for your opinions.
You know you can get a blacet ps500 which will power 6 wiard modules?
They usually go for $100 bucks when they do come up on BST.....Anyway...theyre CHEAP!
If you only plan on doing a 4 module system just get someone to build you a cheap temporary wooden enclosure....surely you know someone who dabbles in woodwork, why even bother with a frame??? Look at the goikes 'boxes'...Theres no frame
I dont see the point in throwing a lot of money at a 4 space case when you will probably want to expand in the future.
Get the WC!!!!!
hey construct09, thanks for your input.

well that's what I mean. I am planning to expand. I prob should have mentioned that in my post.

I'm buying a Gator case off ebay and the psu from Hinton custom fixed: jpg

I've already been emailing with Hinton.

Hinton is the PSU that Wiard recommends and Cary confirmed that with me too so I figure I can't go wrong with it and might as well get the larger case for expansion and the solid PSU right off the bat.

I am going to have a lot of space in the case at first but it will motivate me to try and fill her up!

Thanks for the opinion on the Waveform City as the second module. Think I might do that but man would I also love a Borg Filters, which is why I brought this predicament up in the first place!
You prettymuch can't go wrong with ANY 300 series module, but best to get something that'll work with what you already have. Do you have any other format stuff? If not, waveform city will open up your sonic pallete. After that, maybe go for envelator and either a mixolator or filter (any, they are all great). You can gun for another vco after that, add to taste.
And have fun, that's the important part.
waveform city.

no point having modules you can't power.

wiard 300 series can be used fairly easily without an enclosure for a while if you want to wait for a bit. they'll sit on a desktop using the metal pcb shielding quite well. i had my first 300 series module like that for a few months before getting more and sorting out a case.

edit: because i can't spell.
thanks, sandyb. you're the best. thanks, too, fnord.

after all the gear I've sold to fund the start of the 300 Series system I will literally only have the 300 Series modular (small at first) but that's what I want. I realized having keyboard synths was kool but I'm not a keyboard player & I truly feel more comfortable on the modular synthesizer.
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