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AM8319 Diode Array VCF Demo
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Author AM8319 Diode Array VCF Demo

Here are a few examples of the AM8319 Diode Array VCF. It's a replica of the old Diode Ring filter design that Korg used for the 700, 700S, 800DV, 900PS and MS-50. While I haven't had much hands-on experience with many of these synths, I do have the Korg 700 to compare it to, and I can definitely hear the similarities when using this module on clean settings. However, unlike the 700, this module can be pushed into self-oscillation which gives it more versatility and more edge. Big thanks to Rob at AMSynths for making this available. I truly love this filter.

Note: All these examples are in Low-pass mode. The last recording is the AM8319 at the extreme end of the scale. I will post some High-pass demos soon.




Thanks for doing these examples! Im gonna follow ure lead as soon as i get my next AMS module. smile
sounds great!
Please forgive me if I say that these do not showcase what the original Korg LP filter sounds like.

Any chance of a few demos without delay, and with simple plucked sounds?

To demo this filter in the right context (of the 700/800 series) you need to constrain the parameters to those available in the original synths. A simple 'plucked' sound would be more revealing of the timbre than more complex sounds.
man that is a beast!
The 700 and MS50 filters IIRC sounded quite different, especially the resonance. I'm very interested in a true 700 clone but not a 50.
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