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another berlin school nuovo track showcasing STGs stuff
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Author another berlin school nuovo track showcasing STGs stuff
im currently deep into old (new) school sequencing, here is one out of the lab. this is how its done:

- the sequencer including the envelopes is programmed in Pure data via es-3. its based on euclidian patterns and revolving melodies. main thing is it gets this amazing microsecond precision. thats very important if you start stacking things and want them snappy.

- 2 lines of one melody through the same euklidian pattern but in a different revolving pattern.

- 2x e350 into .MIX -> korgasmatron hpf -> z2040 LPF -> .VCA -> cwejman spacial phaser

- remix those two line and feed them back into the korgasmatron in stereo mode for added gain dependent saturation. thats sounds almost like tape to me.

- add tape delay, reverb and about 3db final compression with vos thrillseeker.

the .mix makes for a fat attack sound and the .vca renders it in this wonderful natural voice. great stuff again stg!

download this, put it on endless looping and feel happy for hours!

would have guessed there was a lpg involved, really nice sounds, i like it
thanks! no, no lpg but good idea! have to try it with a QMMG next. there is always a lot of ringing in the resonance of lpgs so im not shure if it works for this type of music.
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