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Vermona qMI question
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Author Vermona qMI question
When I hit it with a note greater than C8 it doesn't produce a gate output.


Is this because of the 8V P-P 'standard'?

I can understand it having a CV ceiling voltage but not producing gates seems a bit mean...

Hmn, anyone else got one to play with?
Both the Doepfer MCV4 and the Dark Energy work that way (they put out a gate signal only within their 5oct range).
my moog minitaur also has a limited range of cv and midi that is responds to, which does make sense.

this doesn't really. having said all this I haven't read the manual so maybe its a setting....

it says that QMI only has a range of 5 (or 4? can't remember) octaves

you have to set the function "lowest notes" using the front panel
Hey, guys, I'm posting here my question about my QMi razz

I'm using the module with my OT and noticed that when I want to sequence using more than 2 channels of my OT the QMi doesn't respond and look like it doesn't receive the triggers (no lit red blinking when triggers hit on OT sequencer).

I have tried to use the same midi channel for the 4 gates and it worked perfectly with one sequence.

What have I done wrong? I pretty sure I have both programs well midi settings on both sides since I can get 2 different sequences running...

If I am not clear let me know confused
I've found myself using the panic button more than a few time with the QMI. It's an easy fix for most weird behavior with the QMIs. Have a look at the manual on how to use it.
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