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MFB VD-01 to LZX
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Author MFB VD-01 to LZX
I've done some more experiments with the VD-01 directly into the V. Sync Gen.

It might benefit from a video mixer or some Time Base Correction between them.

It yields strobing diagonal lines on mode 2 when fed *any* waveform near audio-rate.
...when tuned to the right Time/Division that is.
The VD-01 does not output proper NTSC/PAL interlaced video, it is a progressive format in a trick like what was used with some 80's game consoles. So the VSG doesn't like it. If you run it through a TBC or mixer of some kind though, it will hopefully correct the timing errors and give you proper interlaced output.
does anyone know if the LZX Triple Video Interface clean up the MFB VD-01 for LZX use?
BRIZ wrote:
does anyone know if the LZX Triple Video Interface clean up the MFB VD-01 for LZX use?

No, since the TVI just passes the sync information to the VSG. Basically the same as just plugging it straight in.

The upcoming TBC module should clean it up, though.
I can confirm what Johnny said.
I've used it through an old Frame Synchronizer / TBC,
and it worked fine.

This one was filtered through the IP Differentiator.
That looks awesome
samn wrote:
That looks awesome


now i know who to blame when i impulse buy a VD-01, IP differentiator and TBC Dead Banana help
^ hihi
Thanks guys
Well that certainly made me want to consider at least putting it back into one of my cases until it gets pushed out again.
Such a bummer the MFB VD-01 can't plug directly into LZX VSG cry

But great to see it working Cat-A-Tonic applause

Does anyone know of another oscope-like thing that has an RCA output that could plug into VSG? I've seen the Video Scope by C&G but wasn't a fan, after the classic science look of VD-01.

Alternately, anything I should keep an eye out for to snag a cheap TBC or Frame Synchronizer off ebay? I know the LZX TBC is on the way but in the mean time...
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