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kurzweil questions
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Author kurzweil questions
i just acquired a used K2000 for free!

I used to love the sound of these and want one badly 10 (or so) years ago. but now? well not so interested really.

it's pretty beat up cosmetically, but works perfectly. no sample option. operating system is 3.18 i think. not sure how much ram. LCD and data wheel work fine. missing a knob off the volume slider.

any idea what I could get for it?
i'm pretty sure I'll get rid of it, but who knows. If i quickly become a master at programming it and start getting some nice sounds i may keep it. seriously, i just don't get it
nice score!
$100, maybe $150? not much.

i think you'd be better off learning to program it. its a wicked synth
try out some algorithms using the shaper with modulation on it
play with the FUNs too, you can get some really interesting rhythmic stuff with them
markus enochson
sold one with sample option and more memory for 400 euro last summer
I have a Kurweil and is a great machine. Anybody knows how to convert FUN curves in CV?
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