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Male 1/4" TRS jacks, got a favorite and a source?
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Author Male 1/4" TRS jacks, got a favorite and a source?
brandon daniel
Looking for some 1/4" TRS male jacks, LMK if you have a good source of them, I need to make myself some volta adaptors...
Doesn't their being male make them plugs, not jacks?

If you ask a Brit, he might call it a jack plug.
never dealt with this place but these Amphenol plugs are great for that price: nol-trs-male-cbl-end-satinnckl-tip

this are ok switchcraft clones from a great seller: ry_Code=pandj-quarterinch

pretty nice Neutrik clones from a great seller Audiopile: e25_P-292S/P-292-S_TRSPhoneplug_cutsheet.shtml

the G&H Bigfoot are my favorite with a copper pin/tip but about $4.00 ea, serious overkill for CV!
neutrik and switchcraft for me.
anything else that I encountered just craps out after a while
for patch I use cheap molded cables from
new neutrik also from

I might order some of those Bigfoot - they look really nice!!!!
The Bigfoot are great, easy to solder and have a lot of weight to them!
I haven't found a many sellers for them, I know there was at least one seller on ebay that carries them.
ProCo sells them(or used to) branded as "ShowSavers" ... I just got my DB25>TRS they advertise using these but they have the Amphenol now, pretty deceptive.
Neutriks for me.
wetterberg wrote:
Neutriks for me.

have you compared to the G&H Bigfoot? for TRS the G&H are a lot easier to solder and felt a lot more hefty. I bought some of each, sadly at guitar center... it was easter sunday, no other option. Anyway, the copper pin in the G&H may be a gimmick? but it makes sense to me, and feels very well made, not as pretty as the Neutrik, but a lot sturdier.
+1 for Neutric and/or Switchcraft. I get them from Apex.
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