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SoS Trouble
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Author SoS Trouble
Please help. My Sound of Shadows does not seem to be working right.
When feed any audio signal into signal input there is no output with the rate knob turned all the way to the left and until 12 o'clock after which signal can be heard when rate knob is turned all the way to the right. There is no delay on signal when audible. I have tried adjusting the feedback and insert knobs without any change. I have used CV signals into each parameter without any change.
Am I now the owner of a defunked SoS or is there something I can do to reset?
seriously, i just don't get it
coyotedad23 see if anyone out there can help with this situation or if I am just shit out of luck and now own a broken SoS.
i believe one of my sos's has issues similar to what you describe (it just stopped working one day, and now only passes the dry audio signal). i still need to contact Flight about it... have you tried sending him a pm yet?

I submitted a email via the flight of harmony website but I have no clue how often anyone reads those.
For now the SoS rests in its box awaiting an uncertain fate.
hey coyotedad23, i gt a response from flight fairly quickly, with an address to send my SoS that isn't working for repair, after pm'd him here a day or 2 ago. maybe you should try that if the website emails still don't seem to be getting through.

numan7, I emailed flight via his website and recieved an offer for him to repair the unit. He also sent ideas to try first which did not work, but I was impressed but his quick reply and offer to help.
I look forward to some point having my SoS back where it belong next to my Plague Bearer.
Yeah, my bad. I apologize, y'all. It is not so much where the email comes from, as it is when I remember to check my damn email. I get so caught up in production that I sometimes forget to check my email for days. Having said that, however, direct emails or via the contact page are best, as the message shows directly in Outlook, while messages on here require me to have to do the exhausting procedure of clicking on the link and viewing it in a browser (can you believe it? so much work! I'm way too easily distracted to remember to do that all the time.).
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