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Plan B Garage Sale!
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Author Plan B Garage Sale!
(repost from the eurorack thread since half of this stuff stritcly applies to the hardcore diy-er)

Greetings Muff Inhabitants,

As many of you probably know, i use to work for plan b with part of my pay being in modules. This resulted in not only modules but also a bunch of stuff that never quite got fully finished. In preparing to move overseas, I've decided to start selling off all of the plan b things i have in order to make some room and cash.

I currently have the following to offer...

Almost fully stuffed boards with faceplates:

model 14-sold
model 11-sold
model 23 (fully finished and mounted, just needs a programmed atmel)-sold

Blank pcb's

model 37
model 39-sold
model 36-sold
model 31-sold
model 11-sold

Modules (fully assembled and tested):
Model 9---sold
Model 10--sold
Model 37--sold
Model 40--sold
Model 36--sold

All modules are in great condition. I didn't actually get to plug things in until this week. So technically you might say they've only been used since Thursday, twice.

Everything is available on a "make me a fair offer and I'll probably take it" basis.

I'll try to post some pictures soon...

actually, the only sub-forum this should go in is... the for-sale forum.
ah good call.

Would you believe that i actually looked for a for-sale forum here before posting and didn't see it? Apparently, i have to be told something exists before i see it.

I cant pm you unless i make a first post so here it is!!
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