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People who do Noise
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Author People who do Noise
Has anyone seen this doc?. I looks 100% pretentious. I laughed out loud at some of the people interviewed but at least they are doing something (maybe I am just getting old but give my Whitehouse over all this)
Ha ha, yeah, pretty funny stuff. There is another thread here about it somewhere.

Check out another recent film called Noisy People, if you can find it.
Hey, it's only pretentious if they are NOT actually more intellegent and better than most other people! hihi
It's been a year or so since I saw it, but from memory, some of the artists were actually quite good. Daniel Mensch (sp?) rings a bell as one of the stand-outs. Many of the others reminded me of people I've met who had taken far too many drugs.
I thought it was alright. You could perceive it as pretentious, but I just came away with the idea they were just doing it because they wanted to. Some people for sure pretentiously made too much out of it, but the film is supposed to be a reflection of what the subject is. There were some good performances, but it was a little hit or miss.
Mr. Sound Boy King
This is a pretty good send up of noise shows. I laughed.
What's with all the noise hate on here?
spittingoutteeth wrote:
What's with all the noise hate on here?

There's noise hate around here?
Chuck E. Jesus
Mr. Sound Boy King wrote:
This is a pretty good send up of noise shows. I laughed.

ha, someone used my "Teen Laquifa" fake name idea...
that article linked above wrote:
There's always some guy at the show who sits in the same place the entire time and doesn't move an nano-inch so you can't tell if he's fucked up on goofdust, exhausted, extremely chill, or so into it he's paralyzed, and when you try to take a picture of him the camera goes all weird. He's like Dracula.

This had me laughing hysterically.
ha ha this stuff is funny too:
Reese P. Dubin
This doc is pretty dry, but there is some good stuff mixed. watch the extra features for the guy in the suit completely talking out of his ass, you will get your pretension quotient filled there.

I am proudly reviewed in the vice article previously attached. While the actual review seems rather off handed and negative, I later found out from author that we were one of the few things she liked so what are ya gonna do. Liking things and admitting such in VICE is pretty much a no-no, unless you have checked ahead and are sure noone will razz you about it.
I played that damn show too late in the evening to make it into the article!

"The only thing worse than being written about in Vice, is not being written about in Vice"
- Oscar Wilde
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