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RIP George Fullerton
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Author RIP George Fullerton
I really love all my G&L guitars and basses. They're top notch. You can tell a hell of a lot of love goes into each one. Sad to see someone go like George. What a wonderful legacy though (no pun intended).

He's holding that guitar like his own baby...
Muff Wiggler
that is very very sad news. I also adore my G&L instruments, two guitars and a bass.... I feel they represent the best of George and Leo's work, being the most mature and evolved versions of the wonderful instruments these men brought us.

very sad, thanks for making this post. I've always felt it sad that the prestige of the Fender corporation and name eclipsed the work these men continued to put into their instruments once they had left the Fender company to CBS, and I do hope that the one bright side of this sad news is more awareness of these incredible instruments.

RIP George.
Yes,thankyou 3vcos for posting this notice.
And thankyou George for "fiesta red".
Far more important to me than MJ's death. For real. I've got Fender/G&L in my bones.
My dad of all people sent me this news this morning. Sad indeed, a true pioneer in the MI business. There's not a whole lot of "the old guard" left is there?

Interesting yet pointless trivia: Fullerton, CA where George lived was named for another George Fullerton, the original land owner. One of the town's founders was also named George.
This same thought went through my head as I was waiting in traffic due to the MJ memorial...

Kent wrote:
Far more important to me than MJ's death. For real. I've got Fender/G&L in my bones.
It's a shame that broke-ass state/city has to pay to memorialize a guy wherein the music died out over a decade ago... but that's a whole nuther can o' worms.

George and Leo had best get stars on the walk of fame or something like that. I mean, holy shit! How many hits did they have? Broadcaster, Telecaster, Stratocaster and the amps... jeebus. And that's just whilst at Fender. MusicMan, G&L and more!

Rockin' Banana!
just a couple weeks ago I picked up a MusicMan Sabre 2. Probably from around 1979 or so. Pre G&L. Basically a G&L F-100. Its such an amazing guitar. It really plays up there with the best of the best. Those guys put a lot of love into their instruments.

This ones for George... Guinness ftw!
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