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n00b question about Evolvers
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Author n00b question about Evolvers
Hey, so I just picked up a second Evolver desktop and have been encountering problems with the polychain function I have the worst time trying to get the midi clocks to sync without them eventually becoming useless and it's made harder when I want to use them to control a Midi-CV converter (I use the one on the back of an MFB Kraftzwerg synth). There doesn't seem to be much written anywhere about polychaining evolvers. I'll be going through the manual again tonight to try and figure this out again but wanted to get some additional insight from my fellow wigglers.

not to discourage you but: I looked on the rear of the desktop evolver; no polychain port :(

My guess only the Poly rack, Poly keys and Mono keys have that. Mono desktop was such a great succes, Dave didnt plan initially that chain function I guess.

That is works via midi out etc is understandable, since they share the same MIDICC etc. but syncing etc thats another thing.

I used a PER + PEK quite a time, works rather wel. Only thing to keep in mind that the PER (poly evolver rack) needs to be on OS FirmWare 3.0+, and HW 2.0+

Combining a MED with any of the above mentioned ones will work, as you need at least one polychain port on one on the devices.....
the MED does have a polychain function and it's written up in the manuals as well. the Midi-out jack doubles as a polychain and you can slave multiple MEDs this way. I think there's a trick to playing it though, I find that the midi clocks will conflict and garble everything up or else it's just a juggling match to try and control both of them particularly when I'm also using one as a sequencer for my modular. ugh. trial and error will continue I suppose.

I wish I had one of those PERs, it's too bad DSI discontinued them, that was a lot of power in a very tiny space. I don't have a lot of rack gear but if I ever get the chance and can afford it I'd be buying one of those for sure.
ow okay i misunderstood that then, maybe its an addition to a former OS , is it at the latest?

sequencers of both PEK and PEr were in sync when I polychained it,

You set the slave unit on midi in as sync etc?
I'll have to reply in greater detail when I wake up it's 4am where I am and that means it's bed time!
i have also a desktop evolver and a kraftzwerg but never thought on that!
thanks mate!
maybe you know some more tricks with the both beasts plugged into each other.
evolver and Kraftzwerg is a really awsome combination they are great together for live performances when you want some modular but not the hassle of bringing out your whole rig. Also running the VCA output into the evolver for further audio processing is great! especially for gigging you don't really nead much else!

I've noticed that the midi-CV on the Kraftzwerg is a little particular at times, it doesn't like it when you adjust the clock division on the Evolver too quickly, that might not be true for newer models (I got mine about six months ago) but if you find you have that problem it's an easy work arround just flick the on/off switch and it goes back to normal.
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