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Author 1FrameSynthVoice
Some of you may have noticed that I put up some MP3s up on Soundcloud last week -

These were made when I filled a Frame with something along the lines of a traditional synth voice (though, naturally, with my own spin) and then played it via a Midi-to-CV box.

The system looks like this::

That is::
CTL2 Joystick/Touch
ENV1 Attack/Decay
2xSYN2B Quadrature Sine
DD2 LFO / DC Mixer
PRC5 Wavefolder
PRC3A SV Filter
DD1 Modulator / Low Pass Gate
UTL2 Output Mix

I'm starting this thread for any feedback or discussion.. (hint, there may be something announced via the modular-mailing-list shortly...)
Entering? I am confused...?! Ah,,, wait...:::::::


I have been (publicly) quite silent on the Modular front for several months. To reiterate (I think I say this every time..), it is not like I have been inactive, just that you maybe don't see all the goings on - I've been continuing to develop and work with the existing users. But, I have been focusing in recently on how to move forwards - making use of the developments of the last 3 years, open up availability, streamline things (maybe?!) for my working. In the briefest terms, I am working towards some standard systems. As always, the timings & details flow like life - no definite promises at this stage, but do believe in progress! (even if it appears slow and meandering)

In the meantime - it is funny how (my) approaches mature/mutate over time. In early modular days I had very little interest in playing my designs in 'traditional keyboard' manners (partly, perhaps, because my VCOs only had ok tracking) but since moving to the Ninetree Hill base and getting my personal studio space set up, I've become much more interested in synthlines and how small instruments fit within a studio setting (still, naturally, maintaining the love for the modular system playing approach..).

Well, over the last couple of weeks I began putting together a few modules I had in stock to make a couple of 1Frame setups - I realised I could make something quite like a 'traditional' synth voice and when I then tried out the setup with a Midi-to-CV converter I had a *lot* of fun. One key has got to be the SYN2B Quadrature Sine oscillators I brought out a few months ago - I kind of set myself a challenge, to try to make the tracking as good as possible (even if I and other users weren't typically that worried on it). These track accurately over 8 octaves and in usage the multi-turn tuning dials are great for fine tuning. But I also think that the other module choices make an esoteric and powerful synth voice - you've got modulation/control via the Joystick/Touch, filtering & anti-filtering (adding overtones) via the PRC3A and PRC5, a couple of different VCA feels (DD1) -- some of the constituent parts may raise the eyebrows of the traditionalists (VCOs only offering Sine waves?!! no ADSR?!!) but ... there are already plenty of traditional choices and approaches in the world.

So -- today I have TWO of these 1Frame SynthVoice systems to offer -- and I am very much aiming to offer 5 or 6 more within the next month or two.
Here is a picture of the system setup: p.html
Here is a set of sounds I recorded last week:
Here is an overview instruction set:
& Here is a MW-forum thread for any discussion:

As I have done before, I am doing another RAFFLE -- anyone interested in purchasing one of these systems, please reply before midday (UK) on next Tuesday 24th July to enter your name. When the deadline is hit, I will pull two names from a virtual hat. [I am well aware that this is a strange way of selling, but... it is kind of fair, right?]

(note -- ONLY open to people already on the mailing list!!)

The basic price of the system is £1110 but there are a few variables / options:
- that is not including End-Cheeks -> select either Desktop (£20) or 19" Rack (£15)
- that is including UK or EU wall-wart for the Mini-Power module -> US users can deduct £7.50 as you have to source your own AC wall-wart (I can point you to where to buy)
- you may well want to add a Cable Starter Pack (£60) - 24 banana cables
- shipping is extra, based on destination - this will have to be courier for anyone outside UK (estimate £40-60 for most places)
- any EU (inc UK) purchases have to have VAT @ 20% added to the final total (inc shipping)

*******************Other news / waffles:
- sometimes I surprise myself -> I joined Twitter - it is not particularly focused and is perhaps Bristol-centric --> @BugBrand
- a few bits coming up in the next months:
- carry on checking my soundcloud - I am playing more and enjoying it greatly

Best wishes for summer!

Darn, what a waffler...
well tempted.....but my vietnam trip has got to take priority at the moment.

good luck everyone....had a play with tIB’s system the other day and loved it!
Yes!! So entering this one!

Local pickup FTW hyper

thumbs up
The bug has landed.
This is just the oscs and the wavefolder.
Sequenced with a makenoise rene.
Joystick modulating the wavefolder.


this thing is shiny
nice one dogoftears. w00t

here's one with just the bug.

razz awesome sounds + so jealous of y'all (, dogoftears and fredguy)!

Congrats guys, nice sounds SlayerBadger!
well done w00t
Yes, yes!

I love hearing these new explorations - brings a big smile!
Euro integration, sometimes contrived but it has its moments. Drumdokta for the drums and Rene sequencing the synthvoice.

nice ones fredguy...
it's been really fun figuring out all the cool things quadrature oscillators can do at audiorate. i've never really messed with them before, always imagined them to be more useful for LFO duties. but i put them up on a scope and noticed that with self fm of the various quadrature outs you can get a whole gambit of waveforms to work with. also if you tune two of them together and use opposing quadrature outs you get nice sync'ish sounding unison.
I've been listening and tweaking this combo for a couple of nights.
Rene clocked by the noisering sequencing one quadrature sine vco, noisering output 2 through the ctl2 sequencing the other.
VCO outputs into the wavefolder and lpg.

hmmm..... so did the last of these get raffled off then? and will there be any more 1FrameSynthVoice raffles in 2013?

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