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ZI comic book series
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Author ZI comic book series
I'm looking for other artists to work with that would be interested in trading their work in exchange for modules.
I want to do a series of comic books with adventures based around modules and the characters based on people/aliens involved with Zerosum Inertia.
when I say "book", I mean PDF. hihi

You/illustrator/artist don't have to have anything fancy or be a master wizard of the visual world. You just have to be reliable and into the project.
I don't want this to be a chore like washing the dishes.
It needs to be fun. Bananallama!

I'm currently working with T. Wells on some adventures involving the Haxor and others.
Same artist that was involved with Red Lake album and Themes Of Winter
are you still into this?

here's a pdf comic I drew:

my online work:
(there's a bunch of stupid schwag there, but also my sketches and digital art)
bbow73 wrote:
are you still into this?

Yeah definitely. smile
Nice work!

Send me an email and we can talk details. smile

I got inspired by the way the documentation that comes with the Sidsonic Tubes library was put together.
They made it really fun and imaginative while still remaining very informative with the tube history and history of the gear they sampled.
It's a different aesthetic than what I would be going for, but the same basic concept applies.
That is such a good idea smile

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