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CV control of Bank select on WaveformCity mod?
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Author CV control of Bank select on WaveformCity mod?
rico loverde
Hey I just saw this and was curious if anyone has tried it. Not sure if Im reading it right. Is it possible to control the Bank Select via CV with this mod. Number 4 in the list below is what Im referring to...

Grant?s note on ?The Wiard Layers?
Here is an ouline of how I envisioned the discovery of the 300 series
modules. This is in relation to the discussion about modifications.

1. Exploring what the module can do in the sense of a traditional modules.
That is, exploring the tone colors of the VCO, Envelator as ADSR and so on.

2. Exploring the axilliary modules within the enclosure. Discovering the VCA
and envelope/slew in the classic VCO for example. Using them to do things
like dynamic depth linear FM or as an additional attenuator for FC.

3. Discovering the strange modes of operation. Like using the Envelators at
audio rates for chaos generation, using the Mixolators as balanced
modulators, switching ranges to "Low" and exploring the outer edges of the

4. Simple modifications. The multiple jacks labeled A,B,C,D at the bottom of
the modules are only connected by solder bridges. This can be easily removed
and the jacks connected to internal points on the modules. For example
adding the external bank select and the second VCA input on the Wavefrom

5. Complex modifications. Every stage in each modules has a test point which
can be used to patch out the module. Each module could support 50 jacks, but
you would need the intelligence of a Martian to use them. None the less, the
idea of "circuit bending" the modules themselves has been built into the

6. Normalizing into virtual instruments. After you have discovered what you
like about the modules, you can permanently normalize them using the exposed
points on the jack boards.

7. The one the customers find that I did not think of...
rico loverde
well i just tried it out. super fucking easy to do and it works great!!!!! it took me a total of 5 minutes. this was the one thing i really wanted the WC to do and im so psyched it worked!!!!!

highly recommend doing this!!!
Congrats! The WFC I bought already had the mod, it's essential!
rico loverde
any other essential mods I'm missing out on?
I have some factory mods but I'm not sure how easy they are to do because they are switched by pull switches - I have log/lin on the VCAs for the Oscillators - also a x10(?) on the Attack & Release times on the envelators. That is the one I most use.
That's the only mod I'm aware of. I think my Borg also had some component replacements to help with the bleed issues when the peak is high. It seems to have helped with the tracking on the LFO's as well.
are the points for bank select and second vca input clearly labeled on the pcb? falling more and more in love with my wfc, and considering wiring those to the mult jacks one day.
Did you ever figure this out? I can send you a picture of the mod mine has.

nopes - truth told, i thought it probably wouldn't be a very difficult thing to figure out, but i haven't had the heart to open up my waveform city just yet to see if the point on the PCB is obvious or not.

so if it isn't too much inconvenience to shoot a photo of the mod, i'd be really grateful, maybe that would get me to work faster.

edit: ooh, post 1001!
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