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USB Adat interface for use with ES-3
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Author USB Adat interface for use with ES-3
Any recommendations on a small portable USB interface that has ADAT output for use with an Expert Sleepers ES3?

I have a ZED R16 but I'm looking for something more portable I can use with my macbook pro when controller the modular.

Behringer makes the UCA202, but it's S/PDIF not ADAT, which I'm assuming won't work. Any suggestions on something similar?
There's RME that has released the babyface... maybe they have adat...?
Leisure Cove
I use, and can recommend, a MOTU Traveler (I've had the first generation version since it was released and have yet to come across a problem with it). I'm sure there are smaller solutions out there, but MK1 Travelers are relatively cheap on eBay and the rack ears can be removed if need be (I can fit it in my laptop bag, along with my laptop, with ease).

The Traveler is Firewire, though, not USB. If that's a deal-breaker for you, please ignore this entire post.
Thanks for your input, firewire is not a dealbreaker but the size of the traveller is a bit bigger than I'd like.

Looks like the babyface has ADAT. Thanks! Maybe I can get a used one for cheap, it feels a bit unnecessary to get such a nice interface only to use it for ADAT.
I use one of these:

Apparently out of production but I bought one from here:

Its works fine with the latest version of OSX haven't tried it with PC.

There are some obvious limitations to it though - its just adat output so if you want to record using the same computer / same program you need another interface and make them into a aggregate device using Audio MIDI Setup.

This works fine for me I use it with a mackie 802i firewire mixer. However the aggregate device is limited by the frequency limit of the least capable device - in this case the gigaport which can only go up to 48k.

Also I think this combo has been crashing an installation work that is left on for days on end, I suspect the timing of the two devices slowly gets out of sync.

But having said all that, having a single USB lead run from my lappy to the modular is totally awesome!
Anyone know of a cheapo USB to adat lightpipe audio interface in 2018?
Anyone know of a cheapo USB to adat lightpipe audio interface in 2018?

Have you checked out the miniDSP USB Streamer?

miniDSP USB Streamer

I have been using one with my ES-3 for a couple of years now and it works great.
the miniDSP works great. I use it with an ES-3 and ES-6 with my MacBook.
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