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Little phatty vs Mopho keyboard
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Author Little phatty vs Mopho keyboard
Preamble . . . I have a voyager old school. I really love it but its insanely large. I cant really transport it with out buying a case with wheels and in nyc that sucks. So end up not using it as much as i would like. I want something that can sit on top of my electric piano next to my skiff . . mostly leads and bass, and interfacing with some modular gear . .

Originaly i thought i would get a little phatty so i went to guitar center today and checked it out. Kinda cool, feels super cheap compared to the voyager OS, no after-touch, the buttons are kinda chessy, one of the knobs was broken . . . i think someone turned it all the way around and of course guitar center just left it there . . . nyc again . . .
Surprisingly i found it pretty easy to adjust the settings while a was playing. very simple some ways more straightforward than the actual minimoog. didnt get to try out the arpegiator . . . sounds pretty good . . .

So i moved down the line to the mopho. Seems like its a better build. The worst logo ive ever seeeeen in the whole world on it, sounds tighter but not too bad, seems like there are more modulation options, after touch?
Interface didnt seem too bad either. I like editing a lot on the fly, filter settings and pitch, cool appegiator. A little more compact which i dug.

I know the moog has some cv outs on one of the models but i have a kenton modular midi thing which rules so its probobly better to have aftertouch on the midi.

you should check out the arturia minibrute.
It's small, sounds great ,has alot knobs, CV and midi.
The only thing im not into is the keyboard. only two octaves, ill look again though. the other two seem more playable, like an octave switch etc . . . are they available?
I agree with you about the keys, even just 32 keys like on a rogue
would be nice. For playing lead lines/bass 2 octaves with a an
octave key is doable.

My plan is to send the CV out of the minibrute to the modular and send the
midi out to the MPC. Play stuff on the modular using the minibrute
while recording the midi simultaneously on the MPC, then plug the
midi out of the MPC to the minbrute and use it as a midi->CV converter
to play back stuff on the modular. And its a pretty ripping monosynth
on its own too.
Oh shit, minibrute looks fuuun. I wanna be like that guy i the video . . . running from shit with french techno playing . . .

are they available or is it a long wait?
I just got mine after being on a waiting list but they may be becoming
more available now that they are finally shipping them.

Also, they're alot cheaper than an LP or mopho keyboard.
I got mine with a couple musicians friend coupons for $370.
All three of those are solid choices honestly.

The mopho might be the right choice if youre stressed for cash, only because it has more features. No CV though, which is a bitch for me, because real men use CV hihi

If features dont mean anything, and youre tight on money, minibrute all the way. Like mentioned previously, smaller keyboard though. Not to mention how long it will prolly take to get one. I mention this because its safe to assume every synth nerd has had a hard on for this since they announced it.

While the LP is awesome, it doesnt get 1st or 2nd place due to lack of features, cost, and while the sound is awesome, its not like too many people can tell in a crowd(I assume youre playing live by your comments).

I'd say it wouldnt hurt to own all three, but I wouldnt want to enable your synth addiction! LOL

btw my grammar is total shit i know....
Dude that mopho logo is soooo bad though i dont know if i can look at it everyday. I mean wtf. Maybe if i get a really cheap used one i can tape over it. Jeez, what are they thinking over there, obviously not the same design team as the prophet 5 or vs, those things look awesome
Who cares what it looks like?
phesago wrote:
Who cares what it looks like?

A great deal of people, myself included.

There was a decent amount of discussion on aesthetics just recently in another thread:
gimlay wrote:
I cant really transport it with out buying a case with wheels and in nyc that sucks. So end up not using it as much as i would like.

I have the same qualms about the Little Phatty, trying to bring it with me on the metro in Stockholm. Used to cart it around with a little luggage trolly until I got tired of it. It is surprisingly heavy. The knobs feel a bit flimsy sometimes and the front panel legending is just a big sticker but for some odd reason the rest of the chassi seems to be built to withstand a direct hit from a tactical nuke. Aside from the menu system, this is my only complaint.

I have a newer version with CV outs now (my second Little Phatty!) and it's excellent and i love the sound. Even though you only have 4 knobs, the interface is surprisingly intuitive.

Paradoxically the clean design of the Little Phatty was ruined a bit when they modified the original LP architecture to add more cool and useful features which you can only access through the menu system. The original interface and workflow is great but when you want to change filter type or modulation paths you all-too-often need to go menu diving.

I love the look of the mopho. grin

If i didn't already have the Little Phatty and if the Arturia Minibrute was available, I'd probably have gone for the Minibrute because of the lower price, smaller size and lower weight.
I've got both and have to say that for playing live, I prefer the Little Phatty. The sounds are easier to edit with the LED encircled pots and the full three octaves makes a world of difference when playing. For me the main drag is no aftertouch on the Phatty, if it had that it'd be golden.

Now in actuality I more often use the Mopho as my second board. Mainly because it is so tiny and easy to carry around. The Phatty is bulkier with the angled face and weighs quite a bit more. With the Mopho being flat, I can use that mini key gigbag from gator that is basically sized like a big purse. I think the Mopho and gig bag must weigh under ten pounds.

As for playing, the Mopho can get a wider range of sounds with the noise, extra lfos and mod routing and the subosc and the aftertouch is great and makes it really expressive. The main drag I have is with the two and a half octave keyboard. I always seem to be running of the edge with my lines. using the octave key doesn't really help when playing lines newr the edge since you also have to move your right hand up an octave.

The bottom line is that I like the Moogs tone better than the MoPho and like the extra keys. The Lil Phatty has a thicker richer tone. Now in the context of a band, the tone isn't as important since you've got guitars and vocals on top of you. I guess for me it is a wash between the two with the size and aftertouch winning out maybe 70% of the time.

Having said that, I have to say that if you were to add the Mono Evolver Keyboard to the mix, it would win out for me. I recently picked one up and am figuring it out, haven't gigged with it yet. But I am in love. The sound is incredible, better than the Moog, it is only a little bit longer than the Mopho due to the full three octaves and pitch and mod wheels on the side of the keys, and it has aftertouch. The MEK easily wins this contest. It can do the same sounds as Mopho, can sound more lush than the Phatty and is still easy to carry around. This will be my goto second board once I finish creating a soundset.

That said the Mophos are like $800, the Phattys $1150 and the MonoEvolverKeys $1300. If price is a major factor, save some bread and get the Mopho, but if you can spring for the Phatty, I'd say cough up the extra for the MonoEvolver, you'll be glad you did.

phesago wrote:
Who cares what it looks like?

I also care about how a synthesizer looks and is laid out.
If I don't like the way it looks, feels or if it is full of menus
to dive through, I am less likely to use it.
I still have my Mopho keyboard...but not my Phatty. thumbs up
CZ Rider
gimlay wrote:


You need one of those Miniphattybrutemophos? lol
A pic to see the size differences between the three:

For lugging around the Phatty is just a little too big for what it is. They all sound nice, but the Minibrute is a real analog controlled synthesizer. Both the Mopho and Phatty are DCA's (Digital Controlled Analog). That might make a difference to most as the DCA synthesizers have patch recall and MIDI controllable parameters. On the Minibrute WYSIWYG. Depending on what you need that would narrow down your choices.
The Minibrute is almost a perfect blend of new and old technology. Digital where you need it (keyboard,LFO sync), and analog where you want it (all the knobs/sliders). The best of both worlds would perhaps be adding a Mopho desktop or Slim Phatty to the Minibrute. That way you would have both and not break the bank, while still keeping it very portable. Really wish the Minibrute had those extra 7 keys, but as you can guess from the photo above, it would have made the footprint much larger and drove up the cost. Who knows, with the success of the Minibrute they might release a Minibrute2 in the future, with the extra keys and two oscillators.
Anyhow, can't go wrong with the Minibrute as you can expand it with the MIDI out and it plays nice with any modular gear you might have too!
+1 for the Minibrute. Of the original choices I would have said Lil Phatty. I'm biased against the Mopho as I refuse to play anything the same colour as custard.
I had a mopho and never really got into the sound of it.
Strangely, it always sounded like a VA synth to me.
And, yes, it the color and graphics are terrible.
I'm of the persuasion to ignore the LP, mopho, and minibrute in favour of a DSI monoEvolver keyboard.
Christopher Winkels
ThinLazy wrote:
I had a mopho and never really got into the sound of it.
Strangely, it always sounded like a VA synth to me.
And, yes, it the color and graphics are terrible.

That's exactly my summation too.

I love the LP though; I find the tone to be brilliant and the layout (with the exception of a couple of items that require a bit of menu diving) very intuitive. Certainly better than a Mopho in pretty much every regard other than portability and modulation options, but modulation doesn't compensate for iffy timbre. I'm considering a Minibrute too once the initial wave of interest dies down. It just seems flat out fun and the myriad demo videos really do put it in a good light.
You get effects, more controls, more oscillators, and
CZ that is an awesome photo. I've got the Minibrute too and while it is small and portable, I think the lack of patch memory and especially the two octave keyboard make it a little impractical for gigging. The sound of it is great and it is super easy to program but really the two octaves really cripple it for live use. Maybe you could live with two octaves for bass but you're really gonna hurt trying to play leads. The fact that it has aftertouch is great though.

I like the Mopho more than some of these other cats but soundwise the Evolver and Phatty are really quite a bit better sounding. A lot more weight to their sound. For rehearsals and jam sessions I'll take my Mopho because it is really convenient but for paying gigs I lug my Phatty it is more satisfying to play. The Mopho with the feedback, distortion, and delay plus the four oscillators and aftertouch is really awesome too.

The Mopho and Minibrute are a notch below the other two in sound quality and playability due to the limited number of keys.
gimlay wrote:
Preamble . . . I have a voyager old school. I really love it but its insanely large. I cant really transport it with out buying a case with wheels and in nyc that sucks. So end up not using it as much as i would like. I want something that can sit on top of my electric piano next to my skiff . . mostly leads and bass, and interfacing with some modular gear . .

Wait, the Voyager Old School is too big, but you also gig with an electric piano and modular? How are the electric piano and modular not too big?

I used to rehearse with a band with a Voyager PE and a Korg M3 61, which I'm guessing is much smaller than your electric piano. The Voyager PE was indeed bulky as hell in its ATA case, but after I replaced the hard case with the soft case, it was much easier to fit the Voyager into my subcompact car with the M3, two guitars, and two amps.
I'd lean Telemark-K in this instance, but it occurs to me, the specs on the keyboard are quite vague. Velocity sensitive? I'm assuming no aftertouch.
I'd take a phatty over a mopho any day

crushing basses, more style, overall way better tone and overdrive feature rules
mek is great, ideal size, very versatile, from beauty to an ugly beast

never tried phatty, but do have reoccurring dreams my sister has one and never uses it, but it looks way more cool than in real ha ha
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