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Possible to scale and offset cv in 300 series?
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Author Possible to scale and offset cv in 300 series?
Is there any way to offset cv in the 300 series?

Obviously the mixolator or any vca will scale, but I have not found a way to offset yet.
No, I find that one area that the 300 modules do not cover, and in some instances are essential (e.g. rate on Wogglebug).

Aside from using modules or function blocks that I find better reserved for their full capacity useslike you mentioned.

You could use something in Euro or Frac if you have that. Any mixer, perhaps combined with a joystick for your offset CV.

Another option is the Hinton Switchmix, which is probably the best executed mixer in any modular format.
You could offset a voltage by adding the 10v from an active Sequantizer gate output. A little kludgy but it would work.
Giving this old thread a bump as well as giving the 311C a boost, because of course with this new incarnation of the joystick controller, offset is very easy again in the 300 series!

And of course a two-dimensional CV source is (if you want to make use of both axes) more tedious to use with precision, but also more Wiard-ly elegant than a single DC source pot.

The 300 was initially intended as a fixed seven module set that included the first 311 version and was dubbed the "Wiard One".

The module lineup has changed now, but I still think a small 8U Wiard is one of the most complete and versatile systems for its size. Contrary to the old 311s, the C's joysticks are bipolar even, if you opt for that at the jumpers.
drumsofd00m wrote:
. Contrary to the old 311s, the C's joysticks are bipolar even, if you opt for that at the jumpers.

Yes, the joysticks can be bipolar - just to clarify, the joysticks change their output voltage range along with the JAG input polarity switch on the 311C, so the joystick output ranges can be either unipolar (0-10V) or bipolar (+/-5V) mode depending on the JAG input polarity toggle switch position. (No jumpers are involved for this, just the toggle switch.)

This also means the joystick can control the JAG in both input polarity modes, whereas on the original JAG controller it only worked correctly in 0-10V mode, because the joystick outputs were fixed at 0-10V.
Thanks for the clarification about the switches vs. jumpers! I should have checked back before posting. About time that I order one.
drumsofd00m wrote:
About time that I order one.

w00t i just did!

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